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How to launch your ICO

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ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. When a company releases its own crypto currency, for the purpose of funding, it releases a certain number of crypto-tokens and then sell those tokens to its audience.

A company gets the capital to fund the product development and the audience members get their crypto tokens shares and they have complete ownership of these shares.

The members also keep on receiving tokens and spending tokens as a part of the plan from the company. As the project starts becoming successful, the value of tokens start appreciating and thereby the investors get monetory returns on the investment they have made.


Firstly you should develop the back-end infrastructure or we say that you have to build a token that you shall further distribute to the investors.

Step 1 : Develop the code of Token/Coin

For developing the tokens or coins, you will have to either fork any of the existing coin or create a new code altogether. The advantage of forking the existing code is that it has been tested already and does not make sense to reinvent the wheel.

Step 2 : Develop the Blockchain

The blockchain for the above code has to be created wherein the users can see the transactions details whenever they purchase the tokens.


Step 3 : Create Whitepaper

The whitepaper for the ICO is prepared to state the exact details of the ICO including the number of coins, the value of each coin, the duration of the offering, the technology platform which will be used in the ICO offering and the rights which will be provided to the coin holders. The whitepaper also covers the project details for which the funding is required and roadmap of the project along with the milestone.


Step 4 : Create a website

Create a website for the ICO that gives complete information on your ICO, whitepaper, founder’s profile, roadmap etc

Step 5 : PreICO Marketing

Pre ICO marketing activity needs to be performed and ICO needs to be put in investor community websites.

Step 6 : ICO Launch

The ICO investors are offered limited time duration to purchase the coins on offer in the ICO in exchange for real money or virtual currency on the ICO website.


1st Sale Start Date

ICO 1st sale starts 2018/04 at the time of selled 2 million in total price is $0.7 (30% off)

2nd Sale Start Date

ICO 2nd sale starts 2018/04 at the time of selled 5 million in total price is $0.85 (15% off)

Final Sale Start Date

ICO final sale starts 2018/04 price is $1 (no discount) By the end of this month / When tokens sold out, the final sale ends

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