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The term Salesforce Integration implies the connection of two or more systems performing separate processes. It can be considered an integrated platform that includes each customer, service department, sales, commerce and marketing.

A simple way to understand Salesforce Integration is by visualizing that there are two stacks in which only one poses the essential information but you require that information in another stack too. Hence integrating them will be the best way to access them.

Salesforce Integration is a customer relationship management software that builds a bridge between businesses and their customers.


What makes Salesforce Integration essential?

Matching the pace of this digital era while being isolated and unaware of customers' experiences is an uphill task. Integration of the systems makes you able to improve the efficiency of the organization and scale it up for competitiveness.

Salesforce CTI Integration

Computer telephony integration or CTI is an embedded salesforce feature that makes you able to do phone calls through a cell phone or the computer in real-time. It requires the presence of a Softphone app in the medium that you are utilizing for this purpose.

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How does Salesforce CTI work?

Similar to the old-school telephony system CTI offers you an option of "Click to Call". Through this feature, you can call a prospect or customer without even manually dialing a phone number every single time.

Benefits of Salesforce CTI integration

Several contact centers and call centers rely on the Salesforce CTI due to the below-mentioned reasons.

  • It reduces the repetition of manual tasks.

  • Provides you with more personalized information regarding customer experience in real-time.

  • It brings particular phone system features after assessing specific keywords.

  • Making calls, sending messages, and having a detailed view of call logs is also a benefit of CTI.


Salesforce Team Integration

Salesforce Team Integration saves plenty of time for team members as they can stay on the same page and escape switching between diverse applications. The Salesforce Team Integration feature can be used in various contexts such as Salesforce records in Chat conversations, video conferences, calendar meetings and team channels etc.

Benefits of Salesforce Team Integration

Team Integration makes Salesforce users able to,

  • Perform inline editing of Salesforce records directly from the team.

  • Pin the Salesforce records to Chats, channels, video conferences and calendar meetings etc. It enhances the swiftness of accessing information.

  • Mention the Salesforce records in the team channels and chats that help in the collaboration

Organizations using Salesforce Team Integration experience great results as their sales teams' performance raises significantly.

Salesforce Team Integration can be conveyed as low maintenance yet a high-outcome tool for organizations. Have a look at its simple key features.

  • Easy to setup

  • Easy to use

  • Offers customized setting

  • Makes you able to access essentials from remote places

  • Online screen sharing

  • Storage of documents

  • Participation of everyone

  • Security features for sensitive

Salesforce Integration Tools

Salesforce Integration tools enhance the efficiency of the workforce in a significant manner. Scores of Salesforce Integration Tools are available to boost productivity but picking the best one for your organization requires basic knowledge.

The below-given list of top-notch level sales force tools can make a drastic change in your organization's efficiency through automatic administration and data organization

  • SMS - Magic -

    An engaging tool SMS-Magic is quite helpful for the teams to catch up on different platforms for keeping up the multiple conversations. It provides you with leads through several messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS services etc. Using a single inbox window and setting up bots will boost the efficiency of campaigns that are based on conversation marketing.

  • Cloudingo -

    By merging and eliminating replica (duplicate) entries this tool helps teams in data management. Apart from this, Cloudingo also performs the mass import of data and updation of it. Through this Salesforce tool, one can break down the complex task of data management.

  • Whatfix-

    The tool which acts as a guide or teacher in the organization is known as Whitefix. The compelling reason behind it is to make the employees understand to utilize a platform to its maximum potential. It also guides us to respond to the customers' queries popped through a mail or social media platform.


What are the prime services of a Salesforce Integration?

The Salesforce Integration services enable the teams to integrate seamless solutions to the complex systems of organizations or businesses. Here are some ways through which one can resolve the issues and scale up the efficiency level of the associated business.

  • Connecting the front and fundamental office elements like sales, customer support system and marketing to the back end office domains like an accountant, logistic department and production etc.

  • A single authentication of salesforce tools can level up the experience of consumers.

  • Organizations can access the 360-degree customers view.

  • It delivers a regular flux of customers' experiences.

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WhatsApp Salesforce Integration

For establishing a more effective and instant communication with the customers, there is no better platform than WhatsApp. The international sales teams can have the access of new leads, nurture the prospects and close the deals through the local presence of WhatsApp.

A WhatsApp Salesforce integration is nothing but creating a user friendly and intuitive chat interface that enables the consumers of Salesforce to establish a seamless communication with their clients.

Here are some unavoidable advantages of integrating Salesforce with the wide communication platform WhatsApp.

  • The pre built features of this integration like team inbox, commerce integration, payment integration and bulk messages are no code tolls. Hence you can save money in this system development.

  • When you create WhatsApp business account and connect verified numbers, it shortens the onboarding time by making the process easy.

  • The integration of Salesforce with the WhatsApp help the teams in accessing data in bulk.


Salesforce Zapier Integration

Zapier is the way through which you can connect the Salesforce with several applications that your clients use in their daily life. Without requiring any code this integration can automate several tasks for you and save a lot of time. Zapier automatically moves the information between the applications so you can focus on the most important task.


What are the benefits of Zapier Salesforce Integration?

The features of Zapier related to the process, modification and automation of the pipeline are quite beneficial for the Salesforce users.

  • While creating the new leads, opportunities, contacts and sending data to other applications, it automates the workflows.

  • After collecting the information regarding events on other applications, Zapier helps in designing the customized products, opportunities and other leads in response.

  • One can use the multi-steps Zaps for initiating the various actions that are based on a specific single event. This also enables you to create multiple objects simultaneously on the Salesforce.

  • A single Salesforce event can also help in triggering many actions on different platforms with the help of Zapier.

For creating a Zapier account for the integration with Salesforce requires a certain amount of money but there are discounts available for non profitable organizations.

Integration of Salesforce CRM & Gmail with Ebsta -

The powerful integration tool, Ebsta acts as a bridge between the Salesforce CRM platform and Gmail. This merger makes the Salesforce-related tasks quite easy and the teams can do them in a faster way than before. This synchs your Google calendar with the email, tracks your email and reminds you of the tasks mentioned in the inbox. The merger between Salesforce and Gmail infuses the power of sales force into your Gmail account. You can easily manage the events which are lined up and schedule the new ones also. Building a personalized workflow for your team or organization is another trait of this valuable integration. Though you can take a free trial of integration with Ebsta, choose the paid services for a better experience.


Build a great collab between teams through Quip -

A team or organization requires several tools that can speed up the workflow and boost the efficiency of the team. The integration tool named Quip is a one-stop solution for such demands of teams like team chats, documentation and spreadsheets under one roof. As it is explained above that Quip is a collaborative integration tool, it reduces the number of email sharing, time consumption in a task and the number of meetings that take place in a day. It also prepares well-analyzed reports after a deep understanding of the points discussed in a meetup. Several companies have raised the standard of their work culture through the integration of Salesforce with Quip, so it's your turn to merge it with your Salesforce system.

Quick responses through the synchronization with Getfeedback -

These days customers demand quick feedback along with real-time interaction with service providers. Though the Salesforce platform provides a team with the feature of establishing a conversation or interaction with the customers, they want to rate this interaction also. You can merge the chat feature of the Salesforce platform with the Getfeedback tool and receive valuable feedback regarding the team's interaction with the consumers. This tool also provides the features of large-scale surveys which are popped up on the screens of clients during the interaction. It helps in having a deep insight into the client's liking and disliking regarding the services or products that your organization is providing.


Updation and management of the Salesforce Data through Conga Composer -

The bulk data of the Salesforce platform demand timely updates and precise management. The data available in raw form can not turn into a fruitful result. The merger of Salesforce CRM and Conga Composer represents data or reports in a well-structured form through Powerpoint, word, HTML and Excel etc. It also provides the facility of managing all the data from a single platform. Hence you can cut down the amount of time consumed in the Salesforce API updating and utilize the precious time in performing the core activities of your business organization.


--Enhance user experience with a single authentication across tools. Get a 360-degree view of your customers. Deliver a consistent customer experience.

---By integrating Salesforce with another CRM platform, system, or application, you create a centralized user experience by connecting the data and functionality available in the SaaS CRM platform. Salesforce orgs interconnect systems, features, and data, which helps unify key processes within platforms.

--Integration Services can extract and transform data from a wide variety of sources, including XML data files, flat files, and relational data sources, and then load it into one or more destinations. Built-in transformations and tasks are included in Integration Services.

To enhance the visibility of data and streamline several business operations, Salesforce Integration Services connect the Salesforce CRM platform with other important systems or platforms. Integrating the main fields like accounting, marketing and customer support services along with many external fields such as social media, e-mail marketing and e-commerce etc is the prime work of Salesforce Integration Services in the USA. The whole integration not only provides you with a unified and holistic view of your business but also enhances the quality of seamless communication with the customers. It also increases efficiency and data accuracy.

Most business groups or organizations of different sizes and kinds connect their CRM system to the external field through three main kinds of Salesforce Integration services. The very first is Data integration in which, the experts sync the essential data with two or more systems so that you can access the real-time data. The second one is business logic integration in which several robust business solutions are integrated with the systems and applications. And the last one is User Interface Integration, for which Salesforce provides several tools that build a centralized user interface.

Also known as the System User, the Salesforce Integration User performs the main job of integrating several features across Salesforce. Another responsibility that makes the role of the Salesforce Integration user more significant is allowing the Salesforce applications to have an access to the data on different properties. In the Salesforce community, the Integration user is considered the best friend of the admin as it is used for third-party integration like Marketing automation, custom API work and CTI data enrichment. They also update thousands of records per day.
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