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What is Test Advisory Services?

A reliable test advisory service helps the organization in understanding the key role of some major focus areas like clients, tools and infrastructure across the delivery lifecycle. To find the gaps in the processing of your software tools and frameworks, you can hire the certified Quest Global Technologies testing team. With our team's agile methods of test advisory services, you can avail of the below-given benefits

  • A smooth and seamless IT and business alignment.
  • An enhanced testing coverage and agility in the process of testing.
  • We involve cutting-edge tools and resources in testing for optimizing the standard of your organization.
  • Our evaluation and test assessment will be fully based on the ROI model.
  • The quality testing advisory services in a reduced period are something that makes us a unique organization.

We ensure the clients that they will easily identify, adopt and implement the worldwide practices in their organization after getting benefited from the skilled developers and engineers of the Quest GLT team. We provide software testing-based advisory services that cover the wide area of Testing Processes, Methodology, Strategy and Test Competency assessment etc.

Advisory Services

Our Key Services

We're expert in all testing services

DevOps & Agile Testing

Automated Testing

The extensive experience in the agile and DevOps testing service of Quest GLT helps enterprises in knowing the status of salesforce software tools through a quick and automated testing approach.

Digital Testing

Software Testing Services

We offer end-to-end digital testing service that involves the quick removal of defects and ensures a complete digital transformation. The team prioritizes the impeccable customer experience while serving the clients with digits testing services.

Test Automation

App & Website Testing

The full range of test automation services of Quest GLT includes the environment setup of test tools, test data and script preparation and its maintenance. Our vast test automation toolkit includes premium quality tools for such purposes.

Test Advisory Service

Software Testing

The extensive domain expertise of Quest's test advisory service team helps it in identifying the gaps and major pain points of a problem. Only after then, we recommend the best testing solution for the business organization.

DW Analytics

Smoke Testing

To check the stability of developed software, Quest GLT's QA team deploys the right resources. The experienced software testers, dedicated managing team, highly scalable services and accessibility of our services from anywhere are some key features of our Smoke testing services.

Security Testing

Security Testing

For us, security holds the top position in our quality service delivery list. From vulnerability assessment, security code review, penetration testing, social engineering testing to DDoS testing, compliance testing, IT security audit to cloud security assessment we cover a long range of security services.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Quest Group is the one-stop solution for detecting the performance status of the major business applications, mobile apps, websites and the API integration layers etc. We test them at high loads and check their performance to ensure the companies that they are providing the best customer experience.

Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Though it is an advanced era of automation testing services, Quest GLT provides a trustworthy manual testing service through a tester team who will detect and remove all the flaws from your sales force software.

Manual Testing

ServiceNow Testing

To ensure the clients regarding a bug or defect-free software that is functioning on the parameters of the finalized requirements through the ServiceNow testing platform, is a field where our team holds proficiency.

Manual Testing

Selenium Testing

A free or open-source tools suite that caters to several QA software testing is very popular in the software testing field. Quest team uses it on the client's demand as it provides a single interface for scripting the testing information.

Manual Testing

Acceptance Testing

User acceptance testing commonly known as UAT, is an integral part of the software testing cycle. Here our team ensures that your organization and the customers will meet their requirements after its complete process of Acceptance Testing.

Manual Testing

Regression Testing

After performing too many testing or detection processes, there are strong chances of an impact on the application or software. But with the experts of Quest GLT, you can be ensured of defect-free working of web and app through Regression testing.

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Software Testing Services

We're expert in all software testing services

DevOps & Agile Testing

Software Testing Services to Start Ups

The extensive experience in the agile and DevOps testing service of Quest GLT helps enterprises in knowing the status of salesforce software tools through a quick and automated testing approach.

Digital Testing

Software testing Services

The Salesforce testing services of Quest Global Technologies help several enterprises to validate their Salesforce software functionalities. Our wide range of quality testing services covers ready-to-use test accelerators and various components of the Salesforce platform like configuration, optimization, integration and AppExchange etc.

Test Automation

App & Wesite Testing

The full range of test automation services of Quest GLT includes the environment setup of test tools, test data and script preparation and itWith the prime aim of making your website and applications free from potential bugs/errors, our skilled App & Website testing team performs several testing tasks regarding their functionality, security, compatibility and performance status etc.

Test Advisory Service

Cloud Migration Testing

The in-depth information regarding all the noteworthy cloud migration strategies makes Quest team top rated in this field. First strategizing the cloud migration testing, assessing the infrastructure and then migrating the cloud through the tested cloud tools is our way of serving the clients with all the safety measures.

DW Analytics

Desktop & Web

As the websites and applications run on different platforms or in various environments their testing comes under a must-do task category. Our team provides testing services for both kinds of platforms and assures the clients of their complete control over the websites and the application.

Security Testing

Api Testing

To verify that your Application Programming Interface has reached the level of expectation or not, We offer an integral service feature of the software testing services - API testing. Our well-trained testers will check the core functionality, language dependency, integration with GUI and time efficiency of the API under the industry standard API testing guidelines.

Performance Testing

Big Data Testing

Bulk data comes along with the major problem of bad data. To prevent your business or organization from revenue loss due to bad data, we offer automated Big Data testing through our extensively experienced testing teams. Improving the quality of data management and its reliability is our skilled QA engineers' regular task.

Manual Testing

Game Testing

An experienced Game testing team of our company Quest GLT delivers top-notch testing services which further ensure the flawless working of your gaming platforms. We cover Localization and Functionality Testing, Online and Network Testing, Multi-Platform Testing, Usability and Experience Testing and Load & performance testing etc in our game testing services.

Manual Testing

Blockchain Testing

Store blockchain data with high security and manage its digital identity is mandatory for business organizations that are inclined toward this digital currency platform. The team will gauge the depth of your blockchain application with the help of evolving tech tools and scale up their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Manual Testing

Salesforce Testing

The unparalleled Salesforce CRM testing services of the Quest GLT team help the clients or the entire enterprise to attain the maximum benefits of this platform. It is only possible after a thorough testing of security, tools, cloud readiness, compatibility and AppExchange because these are an integral part of the Salesforce platform.

Manual Testing

Crypto wallet testing

A digital way to store and manage the currency requires strong security and testing. The skilled crypto wallet testing group of Quest GLT offers a responsible testing service on multiple devices, carriers and locations along with infusing unique features like tracking the conversation rates of various cryptos on different devices.

Types of Software Testing in US

Software is designed to provide some unique and desirable outcome for the growth of a specific organization. But over time several impacting issues start emerging and slow downs its speed, compatibility and endurance of bearing the workload on it. Here Software Testing plays a pivotal role in debugging the software platform and scaling up its speed & efficiency.

Quest Global Technology is a reliable software testing company in the USA. The team of skillful software testing engineers utilizes cutting-edge technology and advanced testing frameworks and tools for providing seamless testing solutions.

Our distinct approach of first understanding the standard of the organization and requirements of business and then strategizing the testing process with the help of high-grade techniques, make Quest Global Technologies a trustworthy Software Testing Company in the USA.

Our team consisting of maximum senior and experienced developers and testing engineers covers a range of services regarding the fetching flaws process in your software. Let's take a look at them and ensure yourself with the complete development of numerous elements that chip into the growth of your organization.

Manual Testing

Not with the support of any automated testing tool, our team members check each component manually for finding the exact point where they are lagging. The manual testers of Quest GLT hold years of experience in their job and provide reliable assistance at every step of the software testing and development cycle.

Advisory Services
Advisory Services

Automated Testing

Fasting the process of software testing through advanced technologies and automation tools is the new way of providing the best Software testing facility to clients. Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience of these tech tools that further lead to the reduction of anticipated time consumption by up to 90%. The automated testing tools straight hit the pain points of the software platforms and fix their development, integration, speed, compatibility and security issues in a short span.

Selenium Testing

For a more convenient approach to testing, we provide an open-source, multilingual and multi-browser testing methodology which is called Selenium Testing. This concept allows you to run your software and applications through the Selenium platform so that it can expose the real problem areas. The Quest GLT's offshore experts team is adept at performing Selenium Testing to create a better environment for your teammates as well as the customers.

Advisory Services
Advisory Services

QA Outsourcing

Along with the fast process of testing, there is a need for quality testing that organizations are looking for. Well, if you pick Quest Global Technologies, you are surely at the right place regarding Software testing services. The offshore testing team of Quest Group first pays focus on knowing the vision of the client and then executes the Software QA testing.

QA consulting services

The independent QA experts of Quest GLT organization organize an in-house QA consultation for guiding the teams regarding the right strategy for identifying the errors in the software and apps. Our developers write test scripts, test cases and create a standard testing framework for executing those test plans with the help of advanced tools.

Advisory Services

Which servicing features of Quest Global Technologies compel a client to hire it as a Software testing company?

The unique blend of technology and human insight can bring the development cart of your software platforms on track. The exceptional approach to testing software and delivering quality through the services is something that makes us unique in the market.

Here are the advantages of picking Quest Group as your software testing partner that will pave the way for success.

  • Quality-centric testing :

    Quality is the new currency in any business that lures the customers very strongly. We, Quest GLT take this point quite sincerely and deliver a quality service to our clients. It not only helps us in setting a standard for our company but also aids our clients in raising the bar of their services in front of the consumer base.

  • Transparency and control :

    We hold full control of the testing process regarding the time and quality of results. A thorough conversation during the testing process to inform the organization about the main issue and update them about the status of the process strengthen our ties with the clients. Establishing a collaborative environment between the client team and our teammates helps us in delivering the best possible result.

  • End-to-end servicing approach :

    With the help of automated testing tools and frameworks and advanced testing approaches like Selenium Testing, we keep our assisting processes under the end-to-end service approach. The direct access to our guidance makes the clients realize that they have picked the best testing partner.

  • Highly skilled professionals :

    The team of Quest Global Technologies consists of all the certified, skilled and experienced workers who are known for their in-depth testing approaches and knowledgeable facts. Having worked with so many clients that belong to diverse service domains enhances the value of our employees.

  • Flexible working model :

    Quest Global Technologies is widely recognized for its quick adaptability according to the demand and convenience of the clients. Our team can extend or curtail the time of the project. Supporting business organizations in their problem-solving issues from scratch to after-service support, we have earned value in the sights of our clients.

Such noteworthy advantages of Quest Global Technologies coerce the companies to give us a chance and then we strengthen the professional ties through our valuable service deliveries.

Performance Testing Metrics

Performance testing metrics ensure the success of the performance testing process and it further identifies those complex areas where the software needs more attention and improvement. With the help of an excellent testing team of Quest Global Technologies, you can witness why performance testing metrics are necessary for the implemented software products.

  • Comparison with the previous testing so that team can analyze the effect of code changing.

  • Reflection of the current testing on the performance of network, application and infrastructure.

  • Ensuring the success of the overall performance testing process.

  • Enable your team to take calculated and well-informed decisions to improve the quality of software tools.

Quest Global Technologies utilize advanced and trending tools for automated performance testing. Our skilled testers are adept at handling JMeter, LoadView and LoadNinja etc. These testing tools are able in tackling the hefty load on the software during the performance testing process. Our team covers several performance testing metrics through the advanced QA software testing process. It includes CPU utilization, memory utilization, response time, average load time, throughput, average latency or wait time, bandwidth, requests per second, error rate and transactions passed or failed etc. Based on these performance testing metrics we create a detailed report so that clients can take actionable insights.

Cloud Testing Services

The renowned cloud testing team of Quest Global Technologies enables our business clients in testing their deployed applications in the cloud. We ensure that our cloud testing services will provide unlimited storage, an infrastructure with scalability, a flexible and favorable cloud testing environment that curtails the testing period and execution of the larger applications. Our team covers a range of tests in cloud testing that includes latency testing, performance, load and stress testing, compatibility testing, functionality testing and browser performance testing etc. The ubiquitous cloud testing network of Quest Global Technologies is easily accessible for the clients, independent from the location-based work and able in providing advanced virtualization. Quest Group provides cloud testing services to its clients with the extended vision of greater scalability, reduced cost, increased mobility, enhanced and quick availability of the infrastructure and last but not least reduction of the time consumption in the execution of the cloud testing process. We believe in conducting thorough research and discovery regarding the need for cloud testing for a specific organization or an individual software tool. Staying ahead of the demands of clients and exceeding their expectations is the key feature that makes us iconic in a field full of renowned cloud testing teams.

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Quest Global Technologies have helped several organizations with their IT automation requirements and and new product offerings. Our team of experts have successfully delivered variety of projects across industries.

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A desired and expected outcome through implemented software solutions is only possible when an extensively experienced team performs the Software Testing. Such kind of professional service includes identifying the defects, gaps, speed of the software, responsiveness towards the customers and Salesforce software users and product stability under massive work pressure etc. A software testing task is a prolonged service that comes to an end only when the client shows satisfaction after a thorough code evaluation by questioning the Software services.

Detecting the errors/ bugs and vulnerabilities of software and application through the manual reviewing process or without taking the help of any automated testing tool is called manual software testing. The software developers utilize their in-depth information in fetching out the bugs or errors available in the software by following a structured process. It includes unit testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), integration testing and system testing. Though it is a fundamental software testing method without taking advantage of any advanced testing tool, it can expose the visible as well as the hidden bugs or defects in the software product that you are using.

The working procedure of the Manual testing and Automation testing tool creates a major difference between them. In manual testing, a skilled and knowledgeable tech person performs the software testing in a stepwise manner and without taking help from any scripted information regarding the software testing. On the flip, the automation testing tools work on the principle of automatic execution with the help of automatic framework and other software tools.

An integral part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), software testing poses seven principles that meet all the demands of a client who has hired a team for testing the implemented software product.

  • Testing shows the presence of defects.
  • Exhaustive testing is not possible.
  • Early testing
  • Defect clustering
  • Pesticide paradox
  • Testing is context dependent
  • Absence of errors fallacy
It is mandatory to understand these seven principles of testing for developers or testers. It will help them in achieving high-quality credibility for their testing services.

For delivering a high standard of software testing services it is mandatory to establish a clear-cut automation testing tool. Usually, all the testing tools ars segregated into two testing feature categories which are Functional and Non- Functional. While choosing the best testing tool you must know about the basic needs of testing and the outcomes after using it. A plethora of testing tools are available in the market but the best ones are given right below.

  • Katalon
  • Appium
  • Perfecto
  • Lambda test

In order to test web applications across multiple browsers, Selenium is an open-source, automated testing tool. Unfortunately, Selenium can only test web applications, not desktop and mobile applications. Software and mobile applications can be tested with tools like Appium and HP's QTP, however.

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