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Cutting-edge Software Solutions For The Energy Sector

Enable agile decision-making and get digital stability through advanced renewable energy software solutions that dramatically improve the productivity, accessibility, safety, and sustainability of your business.

Quest Global Technologies offers innovative, custom technology solutions to utilities in energy, gas, water, telecom, field business, and other infrastructure to modernize their services and delivery patterns.

We help enterprises in the utility sector deliver safe, reliable, and sustainable energy products and services by offering software tailored to their needs. Our applications help you boost operational efficiency, increase cash inflows, streamline demand management, navigate environmental challenges, and enhance regulatory compliance. By leveraging analytics, cloud, IoT, AI, machine learning, blockchain, and automation, we enable utility enterprises to reinvent their businesses.

Ready to build the energy product that will transform your business?

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We bring a full range of energy services for an industry transformation in an increasingly digital world.

We provide solutions and services that enable power generation plants and fleets to perform efficiently, reliably, continuously, and cost-effectively.

What Difference We Offer?

Our team is driven by our purpose and values; we continually improve our process, do our best work in strong partnerships with you, and transparently share how we work. It’s time to move beyond simply building features and start designing the right financial product with the right strategy.


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We have created customizable, scalable, and real-time software products for the world's leading energy companies. Look at our portfolio in detail.

Rowan Energy

Rowan Energy is one the leading companies in the renewable energy sector. They assist their customers through the entire process of Evaluation, Design, Planning, Procurement, Construction, Operation & Maintenance, and Financing of solar energy for crypto mining.

After a thorough discussion with Ouest Global Technologies strategists, the development of an Integrated system was decided both for enhancing customer experience and for automating internal processes in phases. We developed easy-to-use web applications to organize and automate Customer Engagement, Project Monitoring, and Support & Service processes.

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Those who use our software in their enterprise

Our clients obtain professional collaboration, convenient communication with the team, and high-quality software development that add to long-term partnerships.

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Smart Asset Managers
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The Art W
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Free Flight Vouchers
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Rowan Energy
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Indian Aviation Academy
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Arihant Capital
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Agrawal Sweet
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Business Jeeto
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Iconic India
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Kataria Furniture
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Label Anshita Garg
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Sethi Associates
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Ujjawal Patni
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Vanya Health
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Viet Wheels
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Vijay Chaat House
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