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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Software

A specially designed platform in the Salesforce field that supports the retail banking, wealth management sector, insurance carrier market and commercial marketing etc to provide excellent services to clients is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

A seamless integration of Quest Global Technologies is providing services related to the Salesforce Financial Service Cloud system to several financial organizations. Through this customer relationship management (CRM) system, we are helping them in expanding rapidly and unleashing them in developing a better understanding of their valuable clients.


What advantages you can take from Quest GLT's Salesforce Financial Service Cloud system?

The expert team of Quest Global Technologies makes their clients enable in formulate several financial plans so that they can meet their objectives seamlessly. Here are some benefits of using our organization's Financial Service Cloud system.

  • A complete visibility into your clients' financial account

    The services of Quest GLT related to the Financial Service Cloud offer you a range of financial accounts that includes bank accounts, investment accounts and insurance policies also. You can get a thorough insight into your consumers' financial accounts and assets and design products or services accordingly. We ease your path to meeting financial objectives by formulating an investment plan as well.

  • Eliminating the gaps

    There is no better way to achieve your goal than eliminating all the communication gaps whether they are between the team workers or between you and your consumers.

    • Salesforce Financial Service Cloud system can automatically assign a specific task to the team member after assessing the work profile.

    • The lead tracking feature of the financial service cloud can enable you to keep an eye on the leads and recommendations for your organization.

    • You can also keep a track of your customers' statuses by simple data collection and connection to the financial accounts.

  • Improves engagement of the whole system

    Whether it is a stakeholder and team or the end user, Salesforce Financial Service Cloud improves the engagement of each element of your organization. Through our team's SFC services, you will find yourself capable of finding new projects through digital engagement. The platform helps you in gaining insights into the business for taking even better decisions with the help of reliable AI features. Our team guides you in illustrating the milestones of your clients through the SFC platform like developing a new service or product in the market.

  • AI-powered referral routing

    Customer relationships and access to work in various corporate silos are always customers' priorities. The SFC system helps you in routing and referral scoring so that you can manage your customer relationships more effectively. With the guidance of our team, you can build a smooth flow of communication for tracking and converting referrals. After converting all these referrals through a developed referral pipeline now you can see the new opportunities and accounts that are automatically created by your system.

  • Take smart financial decisions

    Salesforce Financial Service Cloud provides you with a data and analytics dashboard that is best for taking a better informed financial decision. It further leads a better growth and revenue. We built customized models and templates exclusively for your financial service industry to get instant insight. Artificial intelligence-powered analytics make you able to take more reliable and better decisions.

  • A better customer care service

    Salesforce Financial Service Cloud system is not only for your organization's financial growth but also improves your customer care domain. Helpful advice, prompt responses and a 24×7 communication facility are also possible through SFC services.

Salesforce Financial Service Cloud tool is quite beneficial for Banking professionals and insurance advisors as well as for business people and IT executives. Taking a quick financial decision with the help of SFC can instantly increase your business growth.

How can the Salesforce Financial Service Cloud system service of Quest GLT help you in diverse fields?

Banking, wealth management, insurance, mortgage and lending are some prime areas where our expert team provides you best SFC services.

Let's know how they are beneficial.

  • Financial service cloud for Banking -

    You can get complete visibility in customers, leads, referrals, leads and branch activity. This can help you in segmenting your clients based on their financial needs. Digital engagement and real-time service on handy devices help consumers.

  • Financial service cloud for Insurance -

    Focusing on consumers' insurance experience and implementing digital methods for ease is our key feature in SFC insurance services. It will give you a snapshot of every policyholder's life events and associated insurance policies, claims and coverage. Apart from these, our clients will be able to perform online collaboration, digital submission, document review and automated quoting in insurance sectors with the SFC service tool.

  • Financial service cloud for wealth management -

    Holding proficiency in the SFC system we can help you in attaining the top position in customer satisfaction. The right guidance from Quest Global Technologies' team will lead you to meet your client's financial goals and earn long-lasting loyalty. The visualized dashboards will help you in gaining insight into leads, referrals and clients' goals and satisfaction.

  • Financial service cloud for mortgage and lending -

    Keeping control of the whole business from one nodal point with the help of the Salesforce Financial Cloud system is quite easy for mortgage bankers. The predictive intelligence system of the SFC tool enables you in forecasting future behavior and seamless communication between the loan officers, borrowers, brokers and real estate agents is also a perk of this Salesforce tool.


What additional features are available in Quest GLT's SFC service system?

  • One can get immediate access to the opportunities, risks, priorities and crucial tasks. It allows you to customize the homepage of your business platform according to your specific financial needs.

  • Navigating your clients based on their financial characteristics and similar interests is easy with this tool. A list of such users can also generate if you require it.

  • Through the advanced analytics based on Tabaleu CRM, our clients will be ahead of others by having insight into leads, referrals and customers' goals and satisfaction.

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