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Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software Salesforce

Rapid Application Development is a software platform that is designed to define a set of requirements for a product after accumulating the generated feedback and then updating the product accordingly. It is quite obvious that in a business, the requirements related to a product change continuously and Rapid Application Development offers us a software platform that constantly iterates the fast-changing requirements of a product. .

Another favorable feature of Rapid Application Development is it adopts a flexible working method along with the ability to adapt the new knowledge. Here this RAD outpaces the conventional and rigid structures that work on a few specific requirements.

Though Rapid Application development is quite beneficial for every Salesforce user, it plays a major helping role for those who need to quickly complete the software tasks while receiving a lot of inputs from the internal stakeholders during the development process.


What are the prime advantages of Rapid Application Development Software in Salesforce?

Prioritizing speed and adaptability over deliberation, RAD provides some noteworthy advantages in the Salesforce field as a software solution. Take a look at them.

  • It creates another layer of abstraction between the code and developer that helps in rapid prototyping and attaining feedback faster than before.

  • Users can also update the software rapidly without even starting it from scratch.

  • The users who work on Low code platforms can align the platform with RAD and perform the below-given functions like drag, drop, connect to REST, build interactive front and design, define logic and event handlers and go to the market in a very short time frame.

What are the Rapid Application Development tools and their features?

Rapid Application Development tools help the developers or Salesforce users to produce higher quality apps that enhance the value of the product they are developing or designing. You can quickly have a glimpse of the features that make Rapid Application Development (RAD) very beneficial for app developers.

  • It helps in the visual modeling of the product.

  • It makes the product enterprise-ready in a short span.

  • It merges diverse devices and channels to scale up the experience of the customers.

These traits of RAD tools compel the Salesforce app developers to include them in their working model but it also intrigues the users, how the RAD tools provide these facilitating features. A detailed view of them is essential.

  • Visual Modeling -

    The services of Quest GLT related to the Financial Service Cloud offer you a range of financial accounts that includes bank accounts, investment accounts and insurance policies also. You can get a thorough insight into your consumers' financial accounts and assets and design products or services accordingly. We ease your path to meeting financial objectives by formulating an investment plan as well. With the help of reusable UI controls, data integrations, functions and app templates the expert teams develop or assemble the front-end tools and user interfaces for better interaction at a higher speed than before.

  • Enterprise Ready -

    RAD keeps its eyes on faster delivery along with the necessary user permission control and security regarding information sharing. The users create a necessary environment for assuring the success of apps designed for a specific product.

  • Cross-platform Compatibility -

    RAD blends diverse devices to create a better environment for the customer experience. The multi-channel and multi-layout options across the desktops, mobiles or tablet interfaces enhance its worth. You can use it on iOS, Android or a web browser-supportive device.

What helps the Rapid Application Development tools to build higher quality applications faster?

Some inbuilt qualities of the Rapid Application Development tools ensure the high quality of the apps developed by the Salesforce developers who use it in their working model. Here are some prime advantageous features of RAD tools.

  • Supportive features throughout the app lifecycle -

    The speeding up the process of App development does not solely depend on the visual development and OOTB functionality but every stage of the app development is accompanied by some most important features like user authentication, audit history, management of the versions and creating a suitable environment for the rapid app development. These small yet significant features coalesce together and speed up the process of app development.

  • A great collaborative environment between the IT and business -

    The availability of visual development tools and rapid end-user mechanisms regarding feedback provides the facility for collaboration between IT and business organizations. It ensures that the project under the developing process is focused on higher-quality outcomes. This also provides the feature of centralized governing and managing ability that allows several users to access it without harming the security, performance and scalability of the product.

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Why you should choose Quest Global Technologies (Quest GLT) for Rapid Application Development?

Though there are several Salesforce companies that promise to serve you the best team for Rapid Application Development (RAD), Quest Global Technologies can be an even better option for a business or product due to its unavoidable servicing features that are given below.

  • Proficiency in centralized app governance and management -

    The expert and experienced app developing team of Quest GLT organization focuses on the security features of the RAD tools. From admin tools, and access controls to threat assessment, our team ensures the clients for each development part. The proficiency of the team in centralized governance of the app enables you to configure and monitoring of your system's security in a convenient manner. Developing the role-based permission strengthens the security feature one notch higher by allowing the admin to add an extra layer of security.

  • The facility of One Click deployment -

    It makes the product enterprise-ready in a short span. The developed apps will be smoothly published and accessible with just one click and you will be able to perform both of these options on the Android as well as on the iOS devices. Our team will help you in launching the app in two segregated modes that include organizational access and the other one is public access. You will also be able to allow the users for public access through the login feature in the organizational access and give them a direct link for embedding the public apps.

  • The ease of Automation -

    Triggering the flow at a specific time with the automatic feature of RAD will prevent you from sending emails to every user daily, triggering flow every morning and querying the custom SQL. The automated triggering at the pre-decided intervals will ease your day-to-day tasks and our team will assist you in making the maximum use of this automation facility.

  • Providing you with the best connectors -

    TThe API connectors integrate the database sources to the front end. Our team will design a basic user interface that will help you in connecting the preferable database or server-side applications to the end in an easy and codeless manner.

  • This is how Quest GLT makes it easy to develop, publish and utilize the Rapid Application Development facilities through the best RAD tools for Salesforce users or business organizations.

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Which is one of the best Rapid Application Development tools at the current time?

To kickstart the development process of Rapid Application Development, several tools are emerging in the market. Some of the best that you can choose from a wide range of RAD tools are given below.

  • KissFlow -

    If you are seeking a RAD tool that can match your organization's processes and workflows, KissFlow will be the most suitable one for you. The easy access to this software tool for the Salesforce purpose is visible through its design. A single sign-on feature, accessibility of it from anywhere and operation on any of the devices are some features that make KissFlow a very popular Rapid Application development tool.

  • Zoho Creator -

    This one is known for the customizing facilities of the web tools that you can create with the help of Zoho Creator. With the help of unique drag-and-drop interface laymen, business users can create apps without even knowing the method of coding. The inexperienced users can also take help from the pre-built modules that include the primary functionalities that a user wants. It will be no more difficult for the users to collect the data, design a personal workflow and include some different and unique rules in the newly designed applications.

  • OutSystems -

    Highly based on the RAD methodology it provides several tools which help in creating, deploying and managing the enterprises quickly and efficiently. One of the most lucrative advantages of using OutSystems as a RAD tool is it makes the proper utilization of the integration and connects diverse tools and platforms available at the workplace. This feature offers a better customer experience. The quick prototyping and generating feedback at a great pace make it more special for Salesforce app developers.

  • Bizagi -

    Made up of the union of business and agility, Bizagi is working accordingly to its name as a RAD tool. It holds proficiency in automating business processes and customizing workflows. Bizagi comes with a range of service tools like process simulators, designs, diverse tools for creating collaboration, builders and a lot more.

  • Appian -

    Quick and hassle-free app development is possible with the unique RAD tool Appian. This one is more suitable for those users who do not come from a coding background or are not very skilled in this specific field. Along with it, you can take advantage of seamless integration with the third-party tools of your choice.

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