Ethereum Application Development

The growth of Ethereum has completely revolutionized the way people’s perspective towards Blockchain. Ethereum is a blockchain that is designed for the development of Decentralized applications. Ethereum technology was specially designed as a smart contract platform.

Benefits of Smart Contracts for Business

  • Crypto tokens pegged to gold
  • Crypto token pegged to fiat currency
  • Applications for user authentication
  • Applications for Intellectual Property Protection
  • Applications for mobile payment services
  • Decentralized Applications Marketplace

Smart Contracts and Decentralized Apps

Any kind of smart contract is build by the use of Ethereum. The main concept behind Ethereum is Decentralization. Since they don’t run on a particular server or computer, they are executed on Blockchain that is distributed over the globe. Ethereum is performed via proof of work, means every computer on the network comes to an conclusion about the transaction before it is getting an approval. Ethereum applications and smart contracts run on blockchain enabling security against theft or hacking of user data. There is no chance of service disruption since the applications are decentralized and there is no single point of failure. Thus, it prevents risk cause due to accidents, natural disaster or human error.

Industries that use Smart Contracts

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    Information Technology

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