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What is Appian Development?

Appian is an open, enterprise-grade unified platform for accelerating clients' enterprise objectives by discovering, designing, and automating key business processes. Appian combines all crucial capabilities needed to promptly execute- Process Mining, Operations & Automation, in a unified low-code platform bringing people, technologies, and data in a single workflow. Appian’s reliable features include Case Management, Business Process Management (BPM), Three-step App Development and Application integration.

Appian delivers prompt, high impact results with low coding platforms incorporating beautiful UIs that work effortlessly on all operating systems. It allows users to visualize the workflow of critical business operations to determine bottlenecks and outline non-compliant activities, identifying areas of improvement and automation opportunities. It connects people, processes, and data as well as finesse operations that can be leveraged to streamline the organization's objectives, ultimately leading to exponential increase in productivity & reduction of expenses.

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Benefits Of Appian (Applied Developments)

  • Speed

    Appian embeds speed into the core of your corporate operations. Eliminate delays, overlong waiting times, and cumbersome development efforts as Appian accelerates all key processes, making it 20x faster to execute conventional development procedures with 50% lower incurring expenses.

  • Multi Channel Customization
    Multi Channel Customization

    Appian's multi-channel customization allows users to integrate web, mobile, email, chat, and voice seamlessly. Appian integrated platforms drastically reduce the costs and complexity of industry-specific app development.

  • Easy To Use Interface
    Easy To Use Interface

    Appian provides an intuitive & unified user interface that can be smoothly used by non-tech business users who desire to have absolute control of their operations and want to meet all of the business' needs in real time. This enables rapid development and deployment, along with scalability across key commercial processes.

  • A Leader in BPM
    A Leader in BPM

    Business Process Management has evolved beyond coordinating workflow and integrating components. BPM today offers an agile delivery methodology that permits organizations to deploy applications rapidly to simplify business operations.As far as low-cost BPM goes, Appian is hands down THE BEST OPTION of them all!

  • Cloud Compatibility
    Cloud Compatibility

    The security, scalability, and reliability of different low-code platforms should be considered before you choose a platform. Appian scores highest on all these parameters. Appian's versatility allows you to move between public clouds, on-premises, and hybrid environments, making it a popular choice amongst customers.

Use Cases of Appian

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

With Appian, digitized automated processes enable you to efficiently organize your manual, paper-trail accounting operations. This facilitates channeling of employee productivity & time on higher-value tasks, eliminating the risks & errors associated with manual data entry, maintaining heavy dossiers, and demonstrating dramatic cost & labor savings effects.

Business Process Automation

Application development

Appian is known as the industry leader in the field of low-code applications. This is because the platform provides a solid medium to take a business process and transform it into a fully-functional automated solution with an extremely simple interface. Relatively low-code refers to designs that don't require writing lengthy complex codes, enabling users & businesses to create tailored solutions as per their niche requirements.

Application Development
Application Development
Case Management

Case Management

Case Management is set as a main area of operations for organizations that handle service requests, resolution of client issues, and various forms of inquiries. Traditional Case Management was generally performed using long varieties of models and lists.

Appian implementation has dramatically improved Case Management practices by pulling all required procedures, tasks, and information into a single easy-to-use platform. Managing any type of case work, connecting siloed data, automating complex processes, and resolving exceptions can be handled with ease with the advent of the Appian developments.

Case Management

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Appian makes it easy for professionals to create user-friendly web experiences with built-in integrations and easy drag-and-drop interface. As a single, integrated low-code development platform, Appian has limitless capabilities and diverse applications that perform exceptionally well for areas concerning- Business Process Management, Case Management, Workflow, Document Processing and a myriad of tailored business applications.

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