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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development


Develop your own legally compliant payment wallet system in the shortest time by utilizing our readymade crypto payment wallet mechanism. We have developed a fully customizable, robust yet simple to use multi-currency, multi-lingual payment wallet system for you to kick start your Crypto enabled payment efficiently. Our wallets have multiple payment options like QR, NFC, URL and p2p Crypto transfers. Our solution experts can help you further with any customizations that your project requires.

Top Reasons To Create A Blockchain-Based p2p Payment Wallet

Crypto based P2P wallets are highly secured, super easy, and enable users to transfer money (fiat/crypto) from their phones to anybody, anywhere in the world at the lowest cost. Some of the key features:



A P2P wallet based system enables anyone from across the world to transfer money in the quickest possible way. Users can process the payment with any desired currency - fiat or enabled cryptocurrency and send to the destination wallet address instantly.


Switching Currencies

By using our wallet system, users can easily switch between different currencies they hold and also convert them into other for payments. They also get a full reporting & date-wise analysis of all transactions done through the wallet.


Lowest Fee

Crytpo payment transaction fees are very low as compared to traditional banking charges and can go as low as zero for some cryptocurrency transfers. Such fee is irrespective of the geography or distance between the users.


Multi - Lingual

We have integrated several languages for users to chose from, including Spanish, Urdu, French, Hindi, Mandarin etc. The localizing can help you in expanding your userbase and a definite first-mover advantage!


Enhanced Security

We use highly advanced cryptographic techniques to secure the data and it is accessible only to the authenticated user. We also use 2FA techniques like Google Authenticator, OTP, PIN, QR code, and biometrics for enhanced security.


Multi - Wallets

Our wallet allows you to integrate several key blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc, along with fiat currencies in a single, secured holding wallet, which can be used to transfer payments seamlessly.

Need Exclusive And Customized Crypto Wallet Development?

Features of our P2P wallet

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Automated Investment plans

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Usage of Smart Contracts

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Lack of Mediator

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Highly Secured

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Enhanced Transparency

Need Exclusive And Customized Crypto Wallet Development?

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallet

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Navigating Crypto Securely: Exploring the Types of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Quest GLT — your trusted partner in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. As the popularity of digital assets continues to soar, the need for secure and reliable cryptocurrency wallets has become more critical than ever. We understand the importance of safeguarding your digital wealth, and that's why we offer a comprehensive suite of cryptocurrency wallet development services.

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

    Web Wallet Development:
  • Access your funds anytime, anywhere through our web wallets. These wallets not only guarantee the safe storage of your savings but also provide multi-cryptocurrency support, including exchange trading capabilities.

  • Defi Wallet Development:
  • Empower yourself with complete control over your digital assets through our Defi wallets. Our experts are ready to guide you through the benefits, ensuring you make the most informed decisions.

  • Mobile Wallet Development:
  • Experience high-end functionality with our crypto-wallet app solutions designed for mobile devices. Perfect for remote payments and transactions, these wallets offer unparalleled accessibility.

  • White-Label Wallet Development:
  • Earn, transfer, and monitor virtual currencies seamlessly with our White Label Crypto wallets. Our focus is on developing scalable and highly secure solutions for your peace of mind.

  • NFT Wallet Development:
  • Safeguard your NFTs and digital assets with our NFT wallet development. Our team delves into the intricacies of the mechanism to deliver practical and secure solutions.

  • MPC Wallet Development:
  • Enhance security by protecting private keys from unauthorized access with our NFT wallet development solution. Transactions are processed by multiple trustless parties, ensuring the secure handling of assets.

  • Centralized Wallet Development:
  • Experience the convenience of centralized wallet development solutions where transactions are quick and secure, controlled by trusted third parties through paper whitelisting.

  • Tron Wallet Development:
  • For businesses on Tron, we offer personalized wallet development that efficiently manages TRX (Tron's native currency) and other currencies with advanced security measures.

  • Bitcoin Wallet Development:
  • Stay ahead in the crypto space with our trendsetting Bitcoin wallet development. Benefit from advanced security features and multi-chain support.

  • Ethereum Wallet Development:
  • Securely store Ethereum tokens such as ERC20, ERC721, ERC777, and ERC1155 hassle-free with our Ethereum wallet development.

  • Coin-Based Wallet Development:
  • Ensure the secure storage of proprietary tokens with our Coin-based wallet development solutions. These wallets come with clear asset-handling instructions, catering to the unique needs of every firm.

  • Multichain Wallet Development:
  • Diversify your portfolio and efficiently manage assets on different blockchains with our multichain wallet development. Experience seamless portfolio diversification and asset management on a single platform.
    Take the next step in your cryptocurrency journey. Contact us today to explore how our wallet development services can revolutionize your digital asset management.

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Need Exclusive And Customized Crypto Wallet Development?

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