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Salesforce Development Companies & Consulting

Salesforce Development has become a prominent trend today. To achieve successful operations influential programming and automatic techniques are used by Salesforce in various business segments.


Salesforce Integration

Integrate your CRM with diverse applications and systems in a faster way so that you can access the information seamlessly.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Services

With our team's companionship, you can better manage your customer relationships with a deep insight into sales, marketing and support.

Salesforce Service

Salesforce Financial Services

The reliable Quest GLT platform will provide you with consultation regarding a long-term, scalable and tailored Salesforce & Financial Services.

Salesforce Financial Service

Rapid Application

In Rapid Application Development, a set of requirements for a product is defined after gathering feedback from customers.

Rapid Application

Sales Cloud

Set the stage for future success with Sales Cloud’s Salesforce Automation and CRM for sales. Accelerate growth and increase productivity - from lead management to forecast revenue closure.

Rapid Application

Our Solution


Digital Migration For Your Business

With Salesforce customer 360 Quest helps your customers to grow their consumer awareness about their products and services.


Creative Designs

Quest's designing team has a selection of creative experts that are focused to provide the best user experience, design, and front-end development service which further improves the overall salesforce lightning experience.


AI Experience

With our expertise in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain we even provide our customers a totally personalized experience for their consumers by providing them offers and services related to their preferences.


Effective Sales

With a decade of experience in cloud computing, Quest has over the past developed many applications for improving the sales and marketing for many industries.


Solution For Your Need

Enhancing the salesforce capabilities, Quest has a wide range of products for each and every industry. These products are developed using the latest technologies like blockchain.


Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration is a customer relationship management software that builds a bridge between businesses and their customers.


Salesforce Pipeline Inspection

Salesforce Pipeline Inspection is a straightforward, reformed approach that leverages the possibilities of AI with sales. The module drives AI-generated analytics on sales KPIs.


Salesforce Services

Quest Global Technologies is widely recognized as a leading company in the Salesforce Services community for its cutting-edge Salesforce solutions and their implementation.

Top Salesforce Development & Consulting Companies in USA- Salesforce CRM

We help businesses plan and strategize the most efficient way to implement Salesforce CRM.

Being a salesforce development company, we help enterprises in planning, designing and implementing full fledge salesforce based business solutions. We help you transfrom the procedure by which businesses interact and manage with their customers, partners, products and employees.

  • Easy Developer Hiring Process
  • Salesforce Support & Maintenance
  • Advanced Salesforce Development
  • Salesforce Consultation

Salesforce provides you the facility of handling maximum tasks from a single dashboard as it seamlessly connects all the applications, devices, customer data and essential contacts etc. The new hyper-connected world of the customers can be manageable from a single customer platform designed by Salesforce1 regarding selling, servicing and marketing like never before.

“With Salesforce1 it won’t take long to win"


Quest GLT is your best partner in Salesforce 1 app development that will further lead you in the 360° business expansion and growth. Seamless CRM workflows, monitoring the business data driven from all integrated platforms and engaging the customers with the best business cloud will be the outcome of this partnership

Wildnet's Salesforce Experts

The Wildnet's experts work diligently in the direction of developing a platform where the clients, partners, teammates and professionals share their thoughts seamlessly. Their assistance and guidance in sales, marketing and service cloud will scale up the chances of your business organization's success.

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“Creation to Implementation – It’s Simple” - Salesforce Development Services in USA

A service-based platform that allows you to build apps that suits very well the requirements of your business. In a short span, one can design the apps and connect them with the bulk data available on Salesforce. Another trait of is to link the external data sources through the APIs. The security features of this widely adopted platform aid the users to manage all the applications build on it. The options of editing, removing and creating something unique make it special

For utilizing the services offered on you need to pay for a license that is available at a far cheaper price than the Salesforce platform license. With the automatic connection between the sales force data and external sources, you can close the business deals quite quickly and efficiently.

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“Bridging the gap between professionals and users”


Salesforce communities have proven to be an effective way to meet business requirements over the last few years.

It is imperative for the systematic accomplishment of business processes that Wildnet experts provide a platform where customers, partners, and professionals can effectively communicate.

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“Unfurling Salesforce to all business spheres”


Among the top app marketplaces, Salesforce's AppExchange is used by businesses to expedite their sales and work processes.

Through the use of this marketplace, Wildnet's experts contribute greatly to boosting the work and increasing success chances.

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On-Demand Expertise To Your In-Demand Operations

The entire purpose behind implementing CRM tools like Salesforce is to connect the dots between marketing and sales. The software gives your business a more streamlined approach to winning customers and finding better prospects while closing more deals.

Sadly, over 18% of CRM implementation projects fail to make an impact. The numbers go even higher (up to 69%) for businesses facing management issues or unrealistic expectations.

While the numbers might be strikingly high, it depicts an everyday scenario. Implementing CRM tools like Salesforce demands technical expertise and active commitment to help businesses achieve their desired goals.

But much like any other software, even Salesforce can’t deliver 100% results if it’s not tweaked to align with your operations. As a premier Salesforce consulting partner, we understand such hassles like no other.

At Quest GLT, we’re your premier consulting partner to implement Salesforce and help you reap the perks of efficient operations.

Work Smarter With Quest GLT & Salesforce

With businesses moving towards the digital era, experience is entering a renaissance. However, you must do more than implement Salesforce to scale your business successfully.

Our consulting experts at Quest GLT are dedicated to driving innovation and intelligent experiences while capturing growth opportunities for our clients. As your Salesforce consulting partner, we deliver a custom-fit CRM to make your business smarter.

We help our clients expand their potential via expert use of the Salesforce CRM and make their businesses more innovative. With our help, your business can:

  • Co-create experiences that are centered on your customers.
  • Implement smart operations via automation, AI, and intelligent workflows.
  • Infuse custom solutions with deep industry expertise, accelerators, and assets.

With Quest GLT backing your game, you deliver innovation that matters.

Our Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce Cloud Consulting

As a Salesforce consulting partner, we have a team of experts with years of industry knowledge. As a result, we’ve helped thousands of organizations structure their CRM, allowing them to navigate their customer experience with a custom approach.

Salesforce Implementation Consulting

Our Salesforce consulting services don’t jump into execution. Instead, we first analyze the depth of your operations, examine the areas that need to be streamlined, and then deliver a hassle-free CRM implementation.

As a certified Salesforce consulting partner, we help organizations streamline complex, diverse processes across multiple levels of their operations through a phased or one-shot Salesforce implementation approach per your business’s needs.

Salesforce Development Consulting

Applications are the need of the hour for businesses of every scale. To help customers better, our Salesforce technical development team specializes in developing custom solutions and APIs to extend the functionality of your CRM platform.

Salesforce Integration Consulting

As a Salesforce CRM consulting team, we’re focused on providing integration services backed by results. As your consulting provider, we assist you in selecting the most effective approach, best practices, and the required tools for seamlessly integrating Salesforce.

Salesforce Migration Consulting

Migrating from a legacy system to a new approach involves the risk of putting a halt to your operations. However, when working with Quest GLT as your Salesforce consulting partner, you can rest assured about the risk of impacting your business's current pace of operations.

Our Salesforce consulting specialists guarantee secure data and CRM system transfer with minimal interruption to your operations at all levels. In addition, our data migration process involves the highest level of data protection with a guaranteed performance upgrade.

Salesforce CRM App Development Services

Boost your sales, marketing, and customer service with our Salesforce app development services. We focus on delivering flawless, efficient, and dependable business applications, enhancing your company's performance while ensuring a seamless user experience. Hire our dedicated Salesforce developers to harness the full potential of the Salesforce platform and achieve your unique business goals.

Why Quest GLT?

360-Degree Salesforce Services

Proven end-to-end expertise in customizing Salesforce services, including Integration, Consulting, Implementation, Development, and Support.

Center of Excellence

Access to a dedicated Salesforce CoE-certified professional team with the right domain expertise to help you at every step of your operations.

Industry Expertise

Proven service experience that expands over a decade, driving digital transition across Fintech, Insurance, Retail, and more sectors.

Extensive Service Portfolio

Comprehensive product customization and Salesforce consulting services portfolio that spans Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, Service Cloud, and MuleSoft, among others.

Empower your Business with Quest GLT -- The Best Salesforce Consulting Company

Industry Proficiency

As a leading Salesforce consulting company, our team of experts can help you harness the power of digital technology to transform your ideas and turn them into reality, enabling you to accelerate your business growth.

Diversified Service Offerings

Navigate the world of Salesforce with confidence, with the guidance of our multi-industry portfolio of service cloud, community cloud, and more. Built by different sector verticals, our offerings meet the dynamic needs of businesses across the spectrum.

Ingenious Solutions

Beyond just consulting, the tech mindset of our team fosters innovation, ingenuity, & forward-thinking. Our solutions are constantly developing to meet comprehensive standards of design, quality, & environmental sustainability, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of creativity.

Support and Maintenance

In addition to undertaking, comprehensive user training, ongoing support and maintenance - ensures continued success and prepared effectively to implement the Salesforce solution.

Data Security Assurance

Rely on the robust data protection measures implemented by Quest GLT, ensuring that your sensitive business information remains safe and secure from potential threats.

Mapping business objectives into Salesforce features

Now that we’ve realigned your business purpose for maximum output, the next step is to map the objectives into Salesforce features. In this step, our team selects Salesforce functionality (custom or default) to allow your business to achieve the desired targets.

What are the trends for Salesforce 2024?

The final stage of the process involves developing a user adoption strategy and executing it. In this stage, we design a new adoption strategy to allow your users to master the new system.

Certified Salesforce Consultant

Accelerate your way to check out, start working with our systems, and stay ahead of the fast-evolving digital world with our team of trusted sales specialists.

Safe and Flexible Method

Expand your business with our safe and convenient methods provided by our experienced professionals. We have equipped organizations with the critical resources needed to design, install & deliver robust & scalable security infrastructure for continuous improvement.

Continuous Advancement

With a focus on refining and delivering solutions and keeping pace with new industry trends and technical advances, it helps in constant improvement.

Strategic Scalability

With our strategic scalability solutions, users effortlessly drive growth to the business, as market demand evolves it allows us to adjust and grow rapidly.

Recommending the most suitable Salesforce edition

In the next phase, we recommend the most suitable Salesforce edition for your business. With the right Salesforce module streamlining your business challenges, you can better address other crucial aspects of your operations in real-time.

How will be the future of Salesforce Technology?

Salesforce has an in-depth and good understanding of several business elements. Hence there is no doubt in accepting that future of Salesforce Technology will be more beneficial after adding some standout features to it. The inclusion of data science and big data capabilities in the service, sales and cloud marketing will enable the Salesforce platform to take a long run in the future tech world.

Mapping business objectives into Salesforce features

Now that we’ve realigned your business purpose for maximum output, the next step is to map the objectives into Salesforce features. In this step, our team selects Salesforce functionality (custom or default) to allow your business to achieve the desired targets.

Expertise x Customer Success = Quest GLT

As innovators and certified professionals of the Salesforce CRM tool, Quest GLT is focused on innovating the future of businesses worldwide. We cater to providing our customers with a frictionless transition experience that allows them to make the most of their operations in no time.

What do Salesforce consulting company do?

Salesforce consulting services are designed to assist you with your sales, marketing, and customer service requirements. We leverage our extensive CRM consulting knowledge to help businesses in professional services, retail, information technology, manufacturing, finance and banking, healthcare, and other industries profit from Salesforce.

Quest Global Technologies offers comprehensive consulting services if you want to deploy Salesforce or improve your current system.

  • Implementation of Salesforce:

    Salesforce is a process that helps in consultation, configuration, migration, customization, and integration. These are all included in the beginning of Salesforce implementation services.

  • Customization:

    Improving and modifying the original Salesforce application customization helps. This approach meets the specific demands of the business and is one step ahead of setup.

  • Integration:

    The linking of two or more applications is known as integration. This helps the company’s system to use it in various programs.

  • Salesforce AppExchange Solutions:

    To further expand the capabilities of the platform, the consultants may suggest and implement third-party applications found on the Salesforce AppExchange.

  • Data Migration:

    Data migration and other CRMs help ensure data accuracy and completeness.

  • User Training:

    To increase user adoption and productivity, on how to use platform effectivity Salesforce consulting companies train the administrators and team members.

  • Salesforce Optimization:

    To identify areas for improvement and enhancement of overall effectiveness they analyze the existing Salesforce.

  • Support and Maintenance:

    To ensure the ongoing maintenance, and support services the Salesforce runs smoothly and direct them to solve issue if arises.

  • Sales and Marketing Automation:

    Salesforce features like campaign management, sales forecasting, and lead management all can be automated with the help of sales and marketing automation.

  • Reports and Dashboards:

    To get insights into KPIs (key performance indicators) and aid in decision making the custom reports and dashboards help.

  • Salesforce Upgrades:

    To take advantage of new features and overall enhancement the Salesforce latest version can help.

    Nevertheless, Salesforce consulting companies play a significant role in business. Through the guidance, they can leverage and optimize sales, marketing, and customer effectiveness. Hence, this can improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Salesforce Professional Services offers a variety of specialized benefits through its authorized partners. These services include Salesforce consulting, implementation, support and other services which ensure the setup of products, customization, which molds the platform to meet particular business needs, training that gives users skills, & ongoing support which assists in implementation. These benefits help businesses in a variety of industries get the most out of Salesforce solutions in terms of value and potential.

Salеsforcе providеs usеrs with robust rеsourcеs for handling cliеnt data, strеamlining opеrations, analysing data and trеnds, & tailoring individualizеd consumеr intеractions. Additionally, Salеsforcе еxtеnds a divеrsе rangе of options for customеr support, automating markеting еndеavours, facilitating commеrcе, fostеring app dеvеlopmеnt, & much morе.

  • Walmart Inc.
  • UnitedHealth Group Inc.
  • Quest global technologies Ltd
  • McKesson Corporation
  • WAmazon.
  • Toyota Motor, and others.
  • Quest global technologies Ltd
  • Simplus
  • Access Global Group
  • Seven Points
  • Girikon
  • Horizontal Digital
  • Capgemini

Salesforce consulting services have a prime focus on supporting the Sales, Marketing and Customer service of a business organization by the customization and optimization of the salesforce CRM (customer relationship management) according to the specific requirements of that business group. Acting as a major resource of any business organization, the Salesforce Consultants provide suitable guidance to the distinct teams for enhancing revenue. Usually, a Salesforce Consulting service provider is well versed in all the significant tasks of business and knows how to implement the right sales force tool for resolving the intricacies of your business group.

Salesforce consulting companies offer specialized services aimed at enhancing and elevating the Salesforce ecosystem for businesses. They have expertise in Salesforce implementation, customization, and integration tailored to their clients unique needs. These organizations aid in aligning Salesforce solutions with business objectives, streamlining operations, and improving customer experiences. Services may include designing and deploying Salesforce CRM systems, automating sales and marketing processes, developing bespoke applications, data migration, and training. Furthermore, they provide continuing support, maintenance, and updates to ensure the continued effectiveness of Salesforce solutions. Essentially, Salesforce consulting firms function as strategic partners, assisting organizations in harnessing the full potential of Salesforce technologies for growth and efficiency.

Salesforce is a prominent force in the field of customer relationship management (CRM) software, with a global footprint spanning many industries and business sizes. According to the most recent data available over 150, 000 companies worldwide work on Salesforce. Notably, the United States leads the group, with 62. 1% of US-based companies using Salesforce CRM. It's worth mentioning that a sizable part of these US companies, with revenues ranging from $1 million to $10 million, contribute to Salesforce's sustained growth and increasing prominence in the CRM landscape.

Salesforce Consulting Companies enable businesses in investing into the right Salesforce solutions efficiently. Working as a guide or partner in attaining success for your organization, Salesforce Consulting Companies leads you toward a unified destination. Ample experience, a thorough expertise in the Salesforce field and a skilled team of a Salesforce Consulting Company support you in the thick and thin of business situations. These companies also provide a 360-degree view of your consumers and partners through the implementation of several customized salesforce solutions. Making the clients able in connecting with the customers in the best possible way is also a key feature of such companies.

According to the estimated demographics and statistics, there are nearly 6400 sales force consultants are working in the US. 33% of this includes women salesforce consultants while the rest 67% are males. In the US, the ideal place for employment as a Salesforce Consultant is New York and the pharmaceutical field is one of the highest-paying Salesforce Consultants fields. Asian, African American, White and Latino constitute the entire Salesforce Consultant community in the US and White Americans cover more than half of it.

Due to being the number one CRM platform, Salesforce provides solutions to nearly 15000 companies or industries. Some major customers of Salesforce services are Spotify, Amazon Web Series, The US bank, American Express, Macy's, Canon, Aldo and T-Mobile etc. When you see the statistics according to the geographical state, the US has the lion's share of the Salesforce Customer market. Retail, Higher Education, Media, Travel and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Communication, Consumers Goods and Financial services are some of the top industries where Salesforce finds its maximum customers. Tailored solutions of Salesforce help these fields in becoming reliable brands.

Salesforce Platinum consulting partner is also recognized as Summit Consulting Partner. To become one such Platinum consulting partner, a company needs to collect a certain number of points according to an algorithm-based system known as Partner Value Score. This value score depicts the behavior of customers and the reliability of services as a real-world result. A business that meets its all objectives related to growth, the right roadmaps, technology, designs, architecture and other solutions. Attaining this complex value score is quite difficult so the competition is very high and only 7-8% of Salesforce Partners become Platinum Consulting Partners.

A Salesforce Development Company is an organization with expertise in dеvеloping, modifying, intеgrating and putting into usе solutions on thе Salеsforcе platform. Thеsе companies can craft uniquе websites, softwarе, and othеr kеys for firms to utilizе in fixing customеr-rеlatеd problems. Thе tеam of еxpеrts always еnsurеs that Salеsforcе is propеrly configurеd - to improve salеs, customеr satisfaction, and othеr procеssеs, hеlping companiеs achieve succеss.

A Salesforce developer plays a crucial role to a business since they customize and improve the Salesforce platform to meet the unique needs of the business. They create applications, features, and functionalities for Salesforce while ensuring seamless integration with existing systems. This involves developing custom objects, workflows, and automated processes, to increase efficiency and productivity. Salesforce developers also handle data management, ensuring the integrity and security of the data. They work together with other teams, such as sales, marketing, and customer support, to comprehend their needs and convert them into technical solutions. In essence, Salesforce developers enable businesses to leverage Salesforce's capabilities to drive growth, streamline processes, and enhance customer experiences.

A Salesforce developer must have a combination of technical and soft skills to become successful. Gaining Salesforce proficiency and becoming an expert in Apex and JavaScript enables you to customize and extend the functionality of Salesforce. Effective development requires an understanding of data modelling, database concepts, and Salesforce data structures.
Furthermore, a solid understanding of Salesforce's declarative features, such as Process Builder and Lightning App Builder, is necessary. Building user interfaces and integrating external systems require knowledge of web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and RESTful APIs.
To ensure strong and scalable solutions, a deep understanding of Salesforce development best practices, security, and governance is essential. For career advancement in this field, it’s also advised to keep up with Salesforce releases and certifications such as the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer.

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