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Entertainment or simply amusement, fun, pleasure and relaxation are what the people look for. In the fast paced busy world, people always cling to their work. Entertainment can do its magic during the stressful life and relieve us from the negative thoughts. Just the weekends after a hectic week will do it. It could be games, movies, plays or concerts with your loved ones that can change your mood. These are the moments that energize and keep us going the next week. Every individual irrespective of their age loves entertainment. Now we can have fun sitting at home with smartphones. Mobile applications provide amusement apps. This could be games, movies,motivating talks and many more.

Quest GLT has developed a motivational app and website for Ujjwal Patni. He is a motivational speaker who wished to inspire and motivate people all around the world. He wanted to make sure that his audience is informed about the events and came up with the idea of his app. It provides a Success game to boost one’s confidence in personal and professional life. The points earned from the game can be used to purchase the DVD’s of his talk show. It also allows the users to share motivational quotes every day and stimulate other users as well. All information regarding the show timings, bookings, seminars and workshops are available.

Children always fancy games and creative drawing as their hobbies. Most often they ask their parents to buy and get them too late or not what they look for. Quest GLT has developed a website for Student Bazaar, a store supplying educational and literature stuff. They offer books, stationary, sport gears and study materials. They launched the website to increase their accessibility to their clients. Users could login to their account and use filters to purchase their needs. Children don’t have to wait for their parents to get free instead their favorites are just a click away. The site provides advance search options that customizes according to the user’s wishlist. As a result the firm has got its sales increased exponentially and its customers too.

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