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The two relatable and nowadays interchangeable terms have created a confusion and an unclear vision of what these two are. Both require a different skill set and companies are looking for both of them, virtually in the name of “Web companies”. The clarity between them is very much needed to grow. Essentially, web design basically refers to the layout and visual elements of the website. Web designers focus on both aesthetic portion, the usability of the website and use programs like Adobe Photoshop to enhance the visualization of their website. On the other hand, web developers take a website design and make it functional by using certain languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Bootstrap and many more.

Looking in depth about web designing gave certain clues about web designer’s process, they should start from a very basic design principle and set information in the hierarchical order resulting in a pleasing and visually sound layout of the website. There are certain design principles that include Balanced layout which means using the proportionate amount of dark and light colors, and creating a balanced website design. Contrast and Emphasis are also major aspects to look into. Emphasizing on some important topics and highlighting them will help us in creating the better design. Further, consistency is needed which means clean, consistent and user-friendly navigation should be provided followed by the unity i.e. the interrelation between the various components of the website layout.

On the other hand, Web developers sometimes called programmers, use various languages giving a life to the website and creating it fully functional. Developers use HTML, Javascript or a more dynamic language like PHP to create different web pages and link them to form an interactive website. Advanced developers also choose to utilize a Content Management System(CMS) like WordPress in order to streamline development and provides clients an easier way to update the website. Developers can make a dynamic website by using interactive elements like the active working of buttons, links and using images and videos.

In the recent times, some small and medium-sized companies are confused if they want to re-design their website. There are people who can do both or otherwise, designers can create the layout and set up the positions for all the elements and handling it to the programmers to make the website work actively with respect to all links and buttons thus creating a well-maintained website. Understanding these differences, companies, as well as employers, will get a better vision of what they want to do.

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