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A whitepaper can be explained as the report on a specific topic presenting a problem and a
solution. It has the description as a in depth report which is very authoritative and persuasive.
Marketers has the capability to produce whitepapers as to show the customers about the
upcoming issues and problems. It can also be used to produce or publish a particular
methodology. To make an access to the whitepaper normally the email id is required to


What are the main requirements for making a white paper? Normally, there are no minimum
requirements for an adequate whitepaper. First is the length of the whitepaper. The least
pages can be six and the maximum can go up to 50 if the topic is vast. Secondly, structure
may contain the title page, table of contents , introduction and several pages educating the
readers about the problems. The whitepapers depends on the density as they are denser than
the e-books . The format may include the pdf. It should be written in professional manner. It
can be informally called as the highlights of a company towards a particular solution. The
goal of whitepaper is not to tell the public about the products the company sell. It has the
duty to tell the people or to render the customers with the evidences and to persuade on the
basis of facts. If one is looking for more interactive way to present the issues , whitepaper is
not the only way. Various blogs and e-books can also help generate a good set of
presentation. Speaking of e-books or blogs, they can spread wings really early but this is not a
fact with whitepaper. As the whitepaper takes a long time to communicate far, because of this
whitepaper is less popular. But due to less flashy nature of whitepaper which is considered as
serious concept still whitepapers are considered more valuable than e-books and blogs.

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