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Don’t have enough space to install an app ? Then go for “PWA”...!!!

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Web is an amazing platform that has easy access for developers and users. In today’s fast paced world, technology is evolving rapidly. In earlier times digital marketing was done through websites, but later to apps and now to PWA.A Progressive Web Application (PWA) uses modern web capabilities to deliver a better app experience. They combine the features of browsers and mobile experience.

Don’t have enough space to install an app ? Then go for “PWA”...!!!

Web developers are switching from mobile applications to PWA, benefitting the customers using 2G networks too. Expensive data rates and slow loading are the major problems they face. But with the introduction of PWA digital marketing has reached the common people. Unlike the app installation, PWA just requires a click to “Add to Homescreen”. After the Add prompt appears, PWA is added to homescreen.

Some of the features of PWA are-

  • Instant Loading-It allows apps to load instantly without wait. They are faster and more reliable.
  • Add to Home Screen- Similar to the apps, web pages appear as icons in the home screen being easily accessible to the users. This enables to safely start and return to your app.
  • Push Notifications- In our busy lives, reminders and notifications are always welcomed.Push notifications too play a key role in web development. This allows users to get timely updates even when the browser is closed.
  • Secure-HTTPS secures the connection between users; ensuring users’ information is protected.

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