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How AI will change the way of using Salesforce?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved several conventional ways of working through advanced machines and software. Thinking about a task or issue like a human and executing its solution in a far better, faster and smarter way is the prime advantage of involving AI in any field.

How AI will change the way of using Salesforce? 

The salesforce community is also not unaffected by the revolutionary edges of Artificial intelligence ( AI). The birth of products like Einstein for Salesforce is enabling customers to use the world's best CRM (customer relationship management). Other AI-powered tools also make Salesforce more capable of tackling the complexities of businesses in an efficient way.

Let's know how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is paving the way for Salesforce through its cutting-edge solutions.

1. Launching of Einstein for Salesforce -

Salesforce Einstein enhances the efficiency of teams and employees by providing the required insight at the right time in all Salesforce clouds like - Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud etc.

Here you can grab all the essential information regarding the advantage of Einstien in all three major Salesforce Clouds.

Sales Cloud

  • Sales Cloud Einstien performs an inspection of your CRM data that shows a difference between the lost & won deals. Based on the assessment now it provides you with the most favorable deals and necessary steps to close it.
  • The Einstein lead Scoring feature helps a sales team in handling the best ones. It also analyzes your past data and according to that data, it automatically generates the priority deals.
  • With the help of Einstein Activity Capture quality, you can link the calendar, email and meetings. Thus it saves your time and increases productivity.

Service Cloud

  • The AI-powered analytics strengthen your service and support team by providing omnichannel and real-time insight and enhance your customer's satisfaction levels.
  • The Einstein Supervisor also helps the team by predicting the customer's satisfaction and giving some customized recommendations.
  • The Einstein Case Management feature helps the team in deciding the well-versed agent to pick the call based on the queries of customers and resolve them swiftly.

Marketing Cloud

  • Einstein AI calculates the distinct data points and accumulates information about the customer's decision. Now it designs an influencing customer journey for marketing purposes.
  • Assessing the purchasing pattern of customers Einstein Content Selection recommends the most suitable content, images and other asset to take email personalization to the next level.
  • The Einstien AI has the power of accessing individually to each customer's data record and then group similar ones based on their common choices.
  • Tracking the outcomes of social media posts that are used for marketing your brand, is an area where Einstien holds proficiency. It finds out any negative comments and brand tagging swiftly and makes you aware of the position of your brand in the market.


The AI-powered tool implementation enables Salesforce to move ahead in the curve of competition more swiftly in comparison to the other platforms. Other features of AI like IoT, voice recognition and AI cloud computing are ready to transform the future of Salesforce Consulting Companies.

What are the most significant outcomes of  involving AI in Salesforce or Salesforce AI powered solutions?

  1. Improvement in the sales and marketing area through using personalized solutions which are AI supported.

  2. The consumers enjoy the support and services on a grand level as AI tools swiftly understand their specific problems and guide with a personalized solution.
  3. It prevents you from doing the repetative tasks. Hence the productivity gains pace in short span.
  4. Based on the previous patterns AI can help the teams in making better and effective decisions.
  5. The best customer services lead the path of sucess in the business world. Therefore AI is no less than a partner in your sucess journey.

The better way to meet business goals, through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data is the present and future of any business organization. Based on we'll structured data one can understand the specific requirements of the business. But digesting the mound of data at a rapid pace is not every human's task. Here AI plays a pivotal role in analyzing the entire data and transforming it into valuable outcomes which are beneficial for the organization as well as the customers. This is the only way to meet the maximum goals of your business where AI helps you a lot.

Now the AI-linked tools of the Salesforce services platform enable you in accumulating the required information regarding leads, competition, marketing, customer satisfaction, and sales updation with every single click.

The rapidly growing graph of Implementation

According to a published study, it was found that implementation of AI-powered tools in Salesforce has reached the 270 % in the last four years. Now it is quite sure in the field of Salesforce that AI implementation will bring an increase in productivity as well as in the transformation of business ways.

As much as Salesforce is embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and encouraging the users of Salesforce to make maximum utilization of AI-powered tools in the business field, there is no doubt in saying that we will soon witness the thorough and better changement in users' and customers' behaviors.

Salesforce also claims that the impact of AI on it will add nearly $ 1 trillion to the GDP of the entire world. Apart from this, AI is also going to revolutionize the job sector associated with Salesforce by adding approximately 800, 000 new jobs. This is exciting to know when everyone is speculating that AI-generated tools will shorten the needs of experts and skilled teams in any specific field.

Wrap Up

Salesforce is always ready to bring the transformative solutions like Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the conventional working pattern. But here the main point is finalizing the right AI tool according to your business requirement. This could be a complex task for a business group to identify the most advantageous AI tool and it's implementation. Hence you need an expert and experienced Salesforce team or partner like Quest Global Technologies to choose the right AI powered Salesforce solution path.

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