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Learn how Pwave HOSP can help Hospitals in Reducing Operational Costs

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Why You Need SOFTWARE?

Hospital Software implementation is the first step in getting NABH Accredited. Hospital Software helps you in increasing the efficiency of your staff, reducing wastages and keeping the patient records secured. It will help the doctors in identifying the patient treatment history and suggesting them proper medication.



Pwave HOSP is a unique artificial intelligence based software, designed by a team of doctors and implemented by high caliber software Engineers. This system integrates all departments of hospitals in a single CRM. Pwave hospital is one of the most advanced software that can work with all operating systems. Using Pwave Hospital Software, all patient activities can be tracked in a single click and proper medication can be advised. Apart from this, salient features of the software helps you in increasing the efficiency of the hospital and the system gets free in a couple of months itself.


  1. System earns money and gets free in a couple of months itself.
  2. Integration with Hospital Pathology, Pharmacy, Doctor and Reception.
  3. Reduced Operational Cost by the use of artificial intelligence and auto populating registers.
  4. Key Statistics directly on your finger tips.
  5. Automatic notifications to keep the staff informed on their toes.
  6. Discharge Summary, Procedure Summary, OT Summary and Patient Record automatically in Electronic Format.

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