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Intending to boost specific powers in Sales, Marketing and Customer Services, Quest Global Technologies USA has been offering trustworthy and tailored Salesforce Application Development Services for a long period. Our customized Salesforce application and apps for AppExchange will suit your business needs very well and pave the way for significant success for your business organization.

Here you will know a lot about our Salesforce App development services and the key benefits of hiring Quest GLT's team for owning a fully transformed and advanced business organization.

What kind of Salesforce Apps do we develop for specific business groups?

The development experts of Quest GLT focus primarily on covering every single tiny need of the business as well as its customers. Only this feature can help in improving the sales, marketing, and customer services of a business. This makes our team a high ranker in the list of Salesforce App development companies and in creating a robust consumer base.

Have a look at the types of Apps we develop.

1. Custom Applications that fulfill internal needs-

A regular and basic CRM (Customer relationship management) can not address complex internal business needs. Hence we develop apps that provide substantial functionality to Salesforce so that a business can manage tasks in more advance and efficient ways. We design unique applications for a specific field like management of the Property and smooth delivery planning for the products or services of a business group.

We also developed small yet significant applications that solve a set of problems or tasks in a structured way. As an example- a custom app for Document generation and another app for assigning the lead to perform two different tasks but the outcome can be unified for the better growth of the organization.

2. App development for the AppExchange -

The apps developed by our skilled team will be listed on the AppExchange and it will generate revenue as a sustainable source for your business organization. Another advantage of App development for the AppExchange is you can integrate the business products with the Salesforce platform.

Which roadmap do we acquire for the Salesforce Application Development?

Developing a unique Salesforce Application requires the inclusion of many crucial aspects regarding business growth. The below-given points will make you aware of the terms that we add to our App development working model.

  • The task of custom application development in the field of Salesforce requires efficient planning of project management. Our efforts will be in the direction of conveying the requirements of the consumers to the stakeholders. Apart from it our team adapts to the surprising changes of the applications promptly and puts the best efforts into staying flexible during the entire phase of project completion.
  • An app development for AppExchange is not possible without the right scheduling, readiness for risk management and budget assessment. The close cooperation between our development team and the management team averts the chances of more time consumption and mismanagement of the funds in a Salesforce Application development.
  • We prefer a unique model while developing an application for your business that follows the "Niche based app development approach". First, a basic app is developed for the business group that serves fundamental services to the employees as well as your consumers. Then we add a lot more to this app in the form of advanced and need-based tailored solutions. Once the users become familiar with the basic version of this application, it is more convenient for them to understand the newly added features by the app development team.
  • Being a reputed and certified Salesforce company, we believe in delivering quality products in form of the App development services. Regular unit testing and reviewing of the code enable us to serve our clients with a bug-free high-quality app and smooth user experience. Further, we extend services regarding the maintenance, evaluation and modification of the app developed by our team.
  • An app development in the Salesforce field is not a short-span task that gets concluded with the successful launch of the desired application. The business group needs the perpetual assistance of an expert team that can resolve the modification issues by adding new functionality to it. Our long-term service support is always there for you in the need of an hour.
  • The cost-efficient applications designed by our experienced and professional team with the best quality lure the clients the most. Along with it, we ensure the clients about the high efficiency and performance of the software application solution without too much delay and glitches in delivering the products. 
  • We understand the choice of a business owner regarding the best application that can scale up the level of the organization. That is why we prefer a flexible working model if the client needs to extend or curtail the duration of the project.

Such features enable Quest GLT in attaining one of the best positions in the AppExchange lists.

What are the additional services of our team related to Salesforce Application Development?

A Salesforce Development is a wide service area that covers a range of service tasks. Apart from designing the custom applications or the Apps for AppExchange, what else we offer you? Have a look at the below-given traits of our app development services to know the answer.

1. Analysis of business and its requirements -

In the analysis of Business, while developing an app for internal use of the business, we take a specific route that includes,

  • Organizing an interview with the individual and the stakeholder for knowing the elicit requirements of the organization.
  • Interpretation of all the requirements and then eliminating the most conflicted ones to prioritize the demanding functionality.
  • Aligning the most demanding functionality with the business and technology to prepare a detailed report for initiating the app development procedure.
  • In the end, we work on the app development and our team stays in touch with the client even after the entire process of development for modification and maintenance purposes.

Now for analyzing the requirements of a business or client, we follow the given steps.

  • Knowing the requirements of the individual client for the App development for AppExchange.
  • After checking the consistency of those requirements we focus on the best ways to meet those requirements for the client through the application.
  • Keeping the future status of the application and its security are our final steps to developing an app for the AppExchange.

2. UI/ UX designing -

The team can create the UI prototype of the app that is developed to fulfill the needs of employees and customers. This makes the app more user-friendly and highly responsive as we draw the layout of the user's journey and experiences.

3. Performing essential integrations -

For a better experience, we perform some necessary integrations after developing the desired application for your business. As an example - Sync the App with third-party software, content management systems and default tools of Salesforce or with the custom integration tools of the Salesforce platform.

4. Training of the employees and the users -

Whether it is a complex app for the internal use of the business or a custom app designed for the AppExchange, the users and the employees need thorough guidance in the form of training. Our team provides training sessions and training material for the better adoption of a newly developed application to gain an exceptional experience.

5. Support in the App Launching -

A successful launch of the app requires the tested custom application for UAT (User acceptance testing) environment. Our team helps in sending this custom and as soon as the customer accepts it, the production of the app gets started and it becomes available for the end users. Apart from it, we also provide AppExchange security review,  Salesforce Product Security and credentials for the Lightning Platform org etc. These elements are available while developing the app for the business.

6. After launch support by our team -

Even after 1-3 months of launching the application, we deliver strong support to the clients regarding the measures taken for the user adoption of the app and tuning the application features.

Which tech tools do we use for the Salesforce Application Development?

Here is the list of our most preferable technological tools that we utilize for creating a custom application or app for AppExchange.

  1. Apex Code
  2. Customer 360 platform
  3. Vusualforce
  4. Lightening web components
  6. JavaScript Frameworks
  8. Salesforce 1

Why one should choose us for the project of Salesforce Application Development?

There are so many compelling reasons for choosing us. Such as,

  • Quest Global Technologies has grabbed too many accolades from reputed platforms regarding its performance.
  • We have worked with too many highly profiled clients and gained experience of good enough years.
  • We hold proficiency in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) development services.
  • Working experience in diverse fields like manufacturing, retail, hospitality, health, education, banking and telecoms makes us unique in the field full of App development companies.

We prefer modern tools and methods like IoT, big data, image analysis and data science in building the Salesforce Applications

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