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Salesforce Leads Vs Opportunities - What's the difference?

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In the broad Salesforce community, A Lead is just an unqualified prospect that requires a thorough assessment and qualification to become an Opportuninty. In Salesforce, the opportunity is a potential future sale that has completed a conversion path of,


After converting a lead into an opportunity there is a higher chance to close a valuable deal for your organization and generate good revenue. Though a lead and its transformation into an opportunity play a pivotal role in any organization, the ultimate goal of all involved teams is closing the Deal. It ensures that the client to ready to purchase your product or service.

Salesforce Leads Vs Opportunities

Usually, there is a structured way of assessing the leads first and then deciding whether it will be a good opportunity or not. But if a team is evaluating the worth of an opportunity directly, it must calculate the lead's product interest, budget and timeframe.  

What are the ways to generate a lead in Salesforce and know its status?

As we all are aware the Salesforce community utilizes several platforms to generate a valuable lead that can turn out a good opportunity for a business group. Here are the most preferred ways for giving rise to the leads.

  • The online ads
  • The information is accumulated through conducting online quizzes.
  • Through the contact information, the team has.
  • The information that your website has collected.
  • The old or existing customers' referrals.
  • Phone calls or contacts
  • Communication over social media platforms.
  • The data was collected during a trade show.

Only garnering the leads in bulk would not bring any big difference to your organization. On the flip, you or the concerned team need to qualify the collected leads regularly. Though all leads can not reach the final position of closing deals, some will surely be worth negotiating and qualifying.

The process of qualifying the leads passes through another important task that compels you to give a status tag to each lead. Here are the four fundamental statuses that you can assign to a lead generated by any of the above-mentioned sources.

  1. If the lead has entered your system but you are still not connected with it, give this lead the "Open" status.
  2. If the team or an individual has established contact between itself and the lead, call it with the status of "Contacted".
  3. This status is quite a good indication for your team if there is a contact between the team and lead and now the lead has shown interest in the product. You can give it "Qualified" status.
  4. Even after contact with the team, a lead can drift apart from the reach of your team if it shows least or no interest in the product. You can call this lead status "Unqualified".

How can you turn raw information or lead into a valuable opportunity for your business organization?

Though the leads have the potential of becoming an opportunity, it is not possible every single time. Sometimes a contacted and qualified lead can also get rejected by the client after showing disagreement on some crucial notes. A qualified lead can take too much time in becoming a deal or potential sale opportunity too. But the below-given directions can make that conversion process effective for your sales team.

Have a look at the right guidance regarding the lead conversion into the potential sale opportunity or a final deal.

  • First, the team should convert the qualified lead into an account or contact. You can also assign more than one contact for a single account.
  • Before qualifying a lead or converting it into an account or opportunity you must identify its source.
  • The qualifying criteria of a lead include the product interests, budget and timeframe.
  • The team or company should also determine some guidelines or rules that can assure the legitimacy of a potential opportunity.
  • Focus on the past activity of the client that is present in the form of a lead. The purchasing timeframe in the near term speaks a lot about the potential of the lead.
  • The lead's interest in the product and an identified budget also play a pivotal role in qualifying the lead as a potential opportunity for the business.
  • You can not overlook past data while qualifying a lead and converting it into an opportunity for your team. Your maximum steps should be according to the data-driven results during this conversion procedure.

An identified opportunity can forecast the future sales of a business organization as well.

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How can you capture the leads faster in your Salesforce?

Centralizing the bulk data and information from several lead resources like email, contacts, tasks and the social media platform on a single dashboard is useful for capturing the leads faster than before. Well, Revenue Box can ease this process for your team by providing the following services.

  • It synchronizes the data between Salesforce, Gmail and Outlook seamlessly and correctly. It also neglects to capture false and deceptive data.
  • Revenue Box automatically creates new objects such as leads, opportunities and accounts for merging the available data present on Salesforce.
  • Saving the essential past data from the emails, contacts and the calendar in bulk for decision-making in the future is another trait of Revenue Box.
  • It also triggers the process of Salesforce by including some rules and guidelines.
  • A thorough or 360° view of the lead with the help of Revenue Box enables you to think about the possibility of converting it into a potential opportunity.

How can Quest Global Technologies help your team in converting the raw leads into valuable or potential opportunities?

Quest Global Technologies is widely recognized for its expert solutions in the Salesforce community. We can help you in managing the complex task of lead generation and opportunity creation in a short span. The wide variety of our Salesforce services or tools helps your company to grow, achieve maximum revenue targets and provide a better customer support service. We believe in accompanying an organization in developing a 360° or overall growth environment for it.

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