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Salesforce Pipeline Inspection Decrypted: Everything You Need To Know!

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Pipeline Inspection provides sales teams with a consolidated view of pipeline metrics, opportunities, week-to-week changes, AI insights, close date predictions and activity information - giving them all of the intelligence they need to focus on key opportunities more accurately while forecasting revenue more precisely.

The Salesforce CRM has been the cornerstone for developing numerous organizations at different scales. With each release, Salesforce continues adding many new functionalities to simplify the business approach for millions of its customers.  

Regarding its recent event, the 22nd Winter release of Salesforce witnessed the release of many notable features, notably Pipeline Inspection. The latest addition to the exhaustive Salesforce integration features is focused on sales managers, sales reps, and sales leaders to give them real-time insight into selling opportunities and improve the chances of closing a deal.

Start Pipeline Inspection

Assist your sales teams in taking control of their pipelines with an easy way to track metrics, opportunities, and weekly deal changes from a single view of pipeline metrics, opportunities, opportunities scores, cases closed date predictions and insights from call recordings, emails, opportunity scores and cases in one convenient spot.

But, What Is Salesforce Pipeline Inspection?

Salesforce Pipeline Inspection is a straightforward, reformed approach that leverages the possibilities of AI with sales. The module drives AI-generated analytics on sales KPIs and prospects for your sales teams. In addition, the update provides users with a birds-eye overview of different aspects of the entire sales procedure. 

Once signed up, you can quickly analyze opportunities, pipeline data, transaction stages, weekly changes, projected closing dates, and future or past activity over your dashboard.

The module is available in Sales Cloud and Lightning Experience in Performance and Unlimited editions. Users can also access Pipeline Inspection over Revenue Intelligence in Unlimited and Enterprise editions (at additional cost).

In this blog, we look closer at the Salesforce Pipeline Inspection feature and understand how the latest update can help business owners. 

Perks Of Using The Salesforce Pipeline Inspection

Like other modules released by Salesforce in its latest release, Pipeline Inspection has several perks that help businesses streamline their operations. Here’s an overview of the core benefits of how Pipeline Inspection adds to your operations: 

  • Bird’s Eye View Of Your Operations:

With Pipeline Inspection working for your operations, you get access to a bird’s eye view with detailed insights into your operations. The module also allows users to tap into features like multiple filtering options, insights, and key opportunity changes. 

For instance, once you integrate Salesforce Pipeline into your operations, you can see the next steps that aren’t updated, modifications in close dates, sales activities, and the number of times an opportunity’s close date has been pushed out. This way, you can manage your sales pipelines more effectively.

  • Access To Simple Filters For Simplified Operations:

Running a multi-level operation can be challenging, especially if you don’t have access to the right set of operation filters. However, that’s where Pipeline Inspection comes in as a differentiator. 

The module gives business owners various filters for a detailed view of their operations. The options to get an overview of your operations include options to view by team, time frame, or sales rep. This way, you can easily find opportunities that meet your filtered criteria. Besides, better pipeline visibility allows sales reps and managers to forecast revenue accurately.

  • Option To Apply Tiers To Einstein Opportunity Socres:

The option to prioritize deals is one of the best perks of using the Salesforce Pipeline Inspection module. The option allows businesses to prioritize deals more effectively with tiered Einstein Opportunity Scores. 

Einstein Opportunity Scores are categorized into different tiers to give business owners a better insight into which deals are on the spot or come at risk. Categorizing into medium, high, and low tiers helps your sales team prioritize business opportunities and decide which set to focus on.

Key Inspection Elements Of The Salesforce Pipeline Inspection Release

Pipeline Inspection Metrics

KPIs for the sales pipeline are displayed in Pipeline Inspection. In addition, the fields in the Pipeline Inspection opportunity list give further details about the possibilities.

The Pipeline Inspection metrics include:

  • Closed Lost

  • Moved In

  • Closed Won

  • Commit Forecast

  • Most Likely

  • Best Case Forecast

  • Moved Out

  • Open Pipeline

  • Total Pipeline

Pipeline Inspection Tools

Managing your sales pipeline is a breeze when using Salesforce Pipeline Inspection. Here’s an overview of the different inspection equipment for pipelines:

  • Pipeline Visibility by Revenue Grid 

This tool offers you complete insight into your sales pipeline, allowing you to determine the precise state of each deal and if you have enough opportunities to meet your quota and sales targets. This way, the visibility tool by Revenue Grid allows you to get a detailed insight into your data and produce more precise sales projections with better pipeline visibility

  • Akoonu for Pipeline Reviews 

With Pipeline Inspection integrated into your operations, you can easily explore new transactions, pushes, wins, losses, and changes in overall value, among other features. As mentioned earlier, the Pipeline Inspection tool also provides various features to get the desired insights. 

  • Pipeline Analytics by Insight Squared 

Insight Squared's Pipeline Analytics gives your pipeline data a visual representation, enabling you to see patterns, compare data, and improve the accuracy of your sales estimates.

Ready To Implement Salesforce Pipeline Inspection Into Your Business?

With Pipeline Inspection managing different aspects of your operations, it’s only a matter of time until you have a clear insight into your operations. Besides, with such unique functionalities added by the latest Salesforce Development  module, when are you leveraging the possibilities of detailed insight into your operations?


What is Salesforce pipeline inspection?

Answer:- Salesforce Pipeline Inspection is an AI-driven tool designed to help sales teams gain a comprehensive view of their pipeline metrics, opportunities, changes, insights, close date predictions, and activity information. With this intelligence available at their fingertips, sales teams can focus on the most important opportunities and have more accurate revenue forecasts.

How do I see pipeline inspection in Salesforce?

Answer:- Pipeline Inspection is easy to view in Salesforce! First, you need to enable Pipeline Inspection from the setup menu. This will allow historical trending for opportunities. Second, you'll need to enable the Pipeline Inspection button from the Opportunity object by navigating to "List View Button Layout". When viewing Opportunities, this button will appear and provide a quick and detailed overview of your pipeline inspection data.

What are the benefits of Salesforce pipeline inspection?

Answer:-With Salesforce pipeline inspection, sales teams can have access to AI-generated insights on sales KPIs and prospects, allowing for better decision making. It provides a holistic view of your current and past sales transactions in one convenient place, helping you stay on top of changes in customer behaviour and trends over time. It also enables the user to detect unusual or uncommon behaviours that need more attention. Lastly, it offers predictive analytics to help optimize performance and maximize revenue opportunities.

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