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Smart contracts require knowledge of cryptocurrency

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In general using of money does not require knowledge of minting and circulating bills. However ,  to use smart contracts, users need to know a lot about cryptocurrencies, therefore before utilizing blockchain technology you need to know more about the cryptocurrency.

Quest Global Technologies have already implemented many projects on cryptocurrency including features like wallets, smart contracts, ICO audits, roadmap design, whitepaper, Coin Website development ,Verified Mainnet Token - Published on Etherscan ,etc. The idea of this is to give you the easiest and best blockchain developer. We will here be focusing on the smart contracts and its development with Solidity codes in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Users need to know about their private wallet key, public wallet key, what a blockchain is, how long it takes to confirm transactions, and how much transaction fees cost.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized platform and users in essence become their own bank. Irrespective whether users can avoid this responsibility. Basic Knowledge required for the development of cryptocurrency is Javascript and NPM (Recommended).


Smart contract need knowledge of solidity :

Solidity is the contract oriented language which is used for writing the smart contracts. Solidity is used in the implementation of the smart contracts on the various block-chain platforms. Solidity is a programming language where the codes are written on the EVM’s ( Ethereum Virtual Machine ).

For an instance for a smart contract,when someone sends a crypto coin over the blockchain, they’re sending them to a hashed version of what’s known as the “Public Key. There is another key hidden from users called the “Private Key” also called as asymmetric key. Basically, you give people that want to send you money your public key, but don’t tell outsiders about your private key.


Thus, the concept of managing keys can be complex and requires a high learning curve before diving deep into the world of cryptocurrency.

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