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Cryptocurrency can be termed as heightened peculiar and virtual money. Now a days it has been a trending concept .

But the for first time it was introduced with the introduction of bitcoin launched in 2009 by

Satoshi Nakamoto. Now comes the discussion about the benefits.

Why is Cryptocurrency beneficial?

There is easy transfer of funds between the two parties which can be through

private or public means. These funds are transferred with minimal fees. To control the bitcoin

functioning or to keep a record , the blockchain system is followed . It is used to store the

ledger online that tells about the transactions made from use of bitcoin. It is updated online

and every computer has access to it and this method minimise the hacking system. Every

block generated should be verified by the ledger. As the concept of cryptocurrency works

virtually that is the reason it has not been accepted by the central authority. As the whole

concept is based on supply and demand, the value fluctuate everyday.

However, the value can go anonymity high, Cryptocurrency can be stated clearly a fad. The

company has faced many drawbacks in history as about 40 million theft has been faced. So,

Is it possible that the system of cryptocurrency can replace the cash system? The answer is

not certain but the rate of usage of bitcoin has been dwindled. The government only work on

the controlling of currency as the think it is the best way for the regulation of monetary work.

Cryptocurrency is that industry bubble which is destined to pop up. It is also possible that it

can overblow too. If we continue to observe the past graphs of cryptocurrency, a tremendous

proliferate can be seen. A net increase of 180 billion can be observed this summer. However,

there are many risks in Cryptocurrency but the foremost is of Price fluctuation, the price

swings are common. The hackers are freely roaming in this filed to grab opportunity to

exploit the consumers. Now comes the way of keeping one self safe in this field. How is this

possible? The good way of protecting is to beware of the bubble by diversifying of the

holdings against the possibility of one or more coin suddenly falling.

The Next Web suggests that “this variability likely will not go away unless some sort of

regulation or centralization introduced, which would then defy the core of what

cryptocurrency is.”

The best step towards the safe playing is finding a reliable and a trust worthy cryptocurrency

wallet. This can make the stand in this field very feasible. The cryptocurrency investors

should look into new stories and aim to predicting of trends.

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