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What is Automated Testing in Software Engineering?

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Automated Testing ensures the organization or the working team that the utilized software is functioning properly and meeting all the demands before releasing it in production. It has become an integral part of software testing which uses the testing script, executes it with the help of advanced testing tools, prepares a report and compares the outcomes with the previous tests performed by the team.

The group of professional software testers of Quest Global Technologies can perform automated testing for several domains like API, Unit and Regression testing. The main beneficial trait of Automated Testing is it requires very less effort rather than manual testing.

What benefits you can take from hiring an excellent team for Automated Testing?

Automated testing is recognized for reducing the time of QA teams and boosting their working efficiency of it. When a manual tester performs software testing, there are high chances of errors in writing the code. While in automation testing the QA team can avoid these human errors.

With an excellent team, companies can achieve faster feedback cycles, enhanced test coverage, and increased overall reliability of their software products. Implementing automation in software testing enables teams to execute repetitive tasks efficiently, freeing up valuable time for testers to focus on more complex and critical aspects of quality assurance.

Some other lucrative benefits of Automated Testing in the software field are given below.

  • It increases the coverage criteria of the testing.
  • Improves the level of accuracy in testing fetching the gaps in software tools.
  • The reporting capabilities also reach higher levels in automated testing.
  • It identifies or detects the bugs/errors in an improved way of testing.
  • Unlike manual testing, you can run this several times a day and take advantage of enhanced reusability.
  • In automated testing, there are several resources available for improved software testing.

Automated Testing enables your team to focus on the core responsibilities of the project instead of the complex manual testing process.

In what way the Automated Testing performs its tasks and makes the software fully functional?

To understand the process of Automated Testing, you can take help from the below-given points that are explaining a slightly complex testing process most thoroughly.

1. Any organization that has hired a team for automation testing for the software, will see that the team performs the automation testing through the framework which includes the testing tools, common practices and a standard according to the organization. The automation tests which are driven by the data and keywords, include the linear scripting and modular testing framework.

2. When you talk about the linear scripting framework, only small applications are allowed in it. With the help of little planning you can use the test scripts but reusable test scripts are not allowed in it.

3. While on the flip, the modular testing frameworks enable the software testers to make small and independent test scripts so that they can avoid redundancy. But the only drawback of Modular testing is, it takes a long in setting up the entire process.


4. In comparison to the modular test framework, the data-driven test frameworks make the software testing team able in creating the test scripts for diverse data sets and you can cover a wide range of testing only by performing fewer tests.

5. Those software testers who are not well versed in the extensive programming field can take advantage of Keyword driven test frameworks. This kind of test framework provides a table where you can place the keyword for each function and execution.

6. You can mix one or two types of testing frameworks and make a Hybrid driven framework to take the maximum benefits from all of them.

7. For the Selenium, Robotium and Cypress testing one can use the open source automation tools and frameworks. Here are the main functions of Selenium, Robotium and Cypress in automation testing.

  • Selenium runs the tests automatically on several web browsers in different programming languages like C#, Java and Python.
  • In android devices, the testers can write the user acceptance, function and system tests with the help of Robotium.
  • Now Cypress performs the end-to-end unit test and integration in a single browser. It also acts as a debugger for the next test and enables the testers to access all the distributed object models in the web browser.


These are the primary working responsibilities of all the automation tools and frameworks in the entire Automated Testing of the software.

How can you make Automated Testing more beneficial?

Some of the best methods of application for Automated Testing make it more advantageous for Software testing teams. Take a look at those beneficial methods.

  • When automated testing is performed on the various hardware and software platforms or configurations, you can take their full advantage.
  • If an organization or software platform requires repetitive testing, the automated testing methodology is the best for such purposes.
  • It does not bind the testers with the rule of using single data set while testing. The team can use multiple data sets.
  • Some software testing can not be performed manually by the teams. Here the automated approach plays a major role in helping the testers as well as the clients.
  • Some software testing where the manual testing methods consume too much time and effort is the right place for automated testing utilization.
  • Some tests tend to generate scores of errors during the process and make it exhausting for the team. But with automated testing, you can lessen the chances of error occurrences.
  • In many software testing the functionality check of the software enhances the risk associated with it. Automated testing reduces these unfavourable risk chances and ensures the client about the security of the software and its information.

Conclusion -

In a very concise manner, the automated testing approach enables the testing teams to shift their precious focus from the middle steps of the process to the main and end outcome of the software testing. Another unavoidable trait of automated testing is one can continue the testing process even in the absence of a professional developer or a testing team. This continuous testing method saves the efforts and timing of the service-providing team as well as the clients. For better guidance and comparatively better testing outcomes, you can hire Quest Global Technologies

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