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What is a hot wallet? Discover its types, advantages, and security constraint!

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From years or so, cryptocurrencies have illuminated as space for merchants to store and purchase money virtually. With the change in the financial system, the complete dynamicity of money exchange has accentuated in years from now making traders trade and rely on this system even more!

What is a hot wallet? Discover its types, advantages, and security constraint!

HOW??? From no third party involvement to security constraint, cryptocurrencies have provided traders with an exchange platform so that no company is responsible for storing funds or keeping records of their account.

But are these exchange secure enough? Not in the literal sense! Sometimes, hackers appear to dive into the exchange account to acquire information related to transactions more so to steal funds from an account.

So, are these exchange platforms reliable to invest in money?

Specifically No! These platforms dwell on less security and exposure of information resulting in theft. Hence to avoid funds getting stolen from an account, the hot wallet has been an ultimate choice of traders to store money. Categorically,cold wallet, personal wallet or paper wallets are various ways to store cryptocurrency.

Through this article, we will understand about thehot wallet and its integrity towards securing funds.


In layman terms, the hot wallet can be defined as the form of a desktop, mobile or a browser-based application to interact with blockchain in the presence of internet-connection allowing the user, an option to create their ownsafe space to keep digital currency.


The functionality of hot wallet for following parameters are:


A passphrase is a set of 12 random words made up to restore wallet.In case something happens to an account or it has been added or transferred to another device,these 12 long random words help resolve the security issue.

Public key:

Now that you’ve secured your wallet with the creation of passphrase, its time to create your addresses.

Further, the creation of address allows you to receive your currency from an exchange, this is known as a “Public Key”. A public key is an encrypted digital account number that can be shared openly with the world.

Private key

A private key is like an encrypted account number which is hidden from the world keeping it all secure and unsharable.

The private key appears like a password or security code to our wallets or funds stored in it, so that no hacker can have access to it. Once you lose your private key, it becomes easy for hackers to intrude into your account and restore all your money without having to get your permission.



Prominently, the hot wallet can be used to help facilitate primary transactions. While making a purchase or planning to trade currency over an exchange, traders can prefer this digital wallet for substantial use of monetary accommodation.

They can perform transfers by sending money via the public key address or scan a QR code to grant their funds.

Let’s delve into the types that a hot wallet hold.


Jaxx is a cryptocurrency wallet widely used by Bitcoin users for buying, selling and storing funds. This cryptocurrency wallet features security, privacy, and simplicity in the digital commodity.


Exodus is digital wallet which is designed keeping user feasibility in mind.

Their goal is to provide a user-friendly and easily operable wallet so that crypto-beginners can associate to it.


Cryptonator is a  Bitcoin wallet that holds multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and others for the use.

It employs fast and easy transaction plus permits instant exchange between different cryptocurrencies in one personal account. This digital wallet provides high-level privacy, anonymity, usability and security.


Coinomi, as the name suggests, is a digital asset primarily used by a huge number of Altcoins, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, it promises users an absolute control of money and privacy.


The Enjin digital Wallet is assets that employ the use of innovative security techniques such as the Enjin Secure Keyboard (the rule of two encryption) and other measures to convert a smartphone into a secure hardware wallet. Other hot wallets that are wide-spread in the fin-tech world for its use of restoring funds are EIDOO, BREADand INFINITO.


Be it use of passphrase, private keys or public key, security still encores depth in its integrity. Explicitly, Funds stored in wallets are sometimes not safe depending upon the wallet that is formerly in use.

Furthermore, keeping security as the concern, a user must delve deeper before marking a transaction from a wallet, making it sure to research and review the authenticity of a particular digital wallet. A wallet is always substantially used on the basis of its dependability and reliability towards to the user.

Moreover, there are plenty of scammers who practice phishing desirably for sites and copy wallets to steal currency from your asset. In order to safeguard financiers, paper wallets are good choice to deposit funds into with long-term storage.

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