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How Salesforce Staff Augmentation Can Revolutionise Your Business in 2024?

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In recent years, salesforce staff augmentation has been a popular trend among businesses. Industries of all types are not hesitant to hire staff augmentation companies, especially in the IT and service industry, and this trend is not without reason. Providing the business with needed Salesforce experts at the required time ensures business efficiency and ensures the completion of projects on the due date.

With the increasing need for businesses to grow and deal with new challenges as they arise to boost their efficiency, outsourcing Salesforce professionals is becoming an easier and more convenient way of getting extra Salesforce expertise into their projects.

When businesses need relevant and skilled staff, they can go for two options: they either hire their employees or consider outsourcing. However, the process of hiring in-house staff can initially be a struggle for the company. What used to be expensive and required the management of a lot of work such as onboarding and retention, the traditional and old style of hiring has a lot of disadvantages, especially in that a business has varied projects. It is here, that staff augmentation is a better option.

This blog is not only going to dive into Salesforce staff augmentation but also we will discuss how this can help you make a change that your business highly deserves in the coming year.

What is Salesforce Staff Augmentation?

"Salesforce Staff Augmentation" refers to the idea that companies can beef up their workforce by incorporating an outside team of experts who can provide only tech services and nothing else. With staff augmentation, you can count on the experienced company to hire only the best people to collaborate with your staff and Salesforce software on a contractual basis as an extension of your Salesforce development company.

Why Salesforce Staff Augmentation?

Salesforce staff augmentation will help your company to recruit full-time, professional staff to the team. This approach is what enables the hiring of developers who work on Salesforce but wouldn’t usually be employed full-time by the company. Staff augmentation is the ability to help businesses improve team workers to meet customer needs and company objectives.

Companies that are dependent on Salesforce to hire temporary professionals may become over-reliant on hiring. Such firms could attract new members in a short while just by hiring more temporary workers.

Besides, the salesforce professionals your company is well-versed with are required to begin work instantly. The salesforce platform already has a pool of expert specialists who are already certified, so you can save time and cost that you would use for searching and training the best candidates.

Types of Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation consists of three types as a rule. It is determined by the level of skill staff should have. You can also choose the duration that you need the advancement services to be useful.

The staff augmentation hires are more often than not into specific roles where businesses seek a perfect fit. Based on their needs, these are the common types of services they look for:

1. Basic: Businesses thus need additional manpower to finish repetitive, mundane activities. Highly skilled industry professionals are not required. 

2. Skill-based: Businesses in need of customised solutions requiring a certain skill set might consider this kind. These specialists are often engaged for a specific assignment for a set time.

3. Highly Skilled: These professionals are the leaders in their chosen fields and are defenders of their domains. They are typically called upon for high-value and top-priority tasks. 

The Benefits of Salesforce Staff Augmentation

With so many benefits, Salesforce staff augmentation is that significant differentiator for your company. Here are the points; 

1. Overcoming the Skill Gap

Among the key elements which usually pose a challenge is the presence of resources that have the elements of a mere skill set. When you choose offshore Salesforce customization, life is breathed into your product. Skilled professionals with field experience become one of the critical components that will ensure project completion within the designated time. It is up to you to decide if you give the augmented team the task or to work with the inside team. This can be implemented through collaboration.

2. Adaptive Resource

The requirements of the business are constantly under changing circumstances and so are the resources. Only through Salesforce outsourcing, this flexibility is provided to you. For example, your team has a critical deliverable that Salesforce skilled resources are needed to work on. In case you encounter this situation, having a Salesforce augmentation staff can be the best solution for you. No easier resourcing is required and you won’t have to face urgent deadlines. This allows your team to not only keep up with the general tasks but also to cross out the additional tasks that need to be done. The second plus is that your assets will usually stay longer than you need. You benefit from the fact that you are only charged for the resource that you need for a specific period. This will make your business profitable.


Envision has highly skilled resources when you need them and you would not have any expenses that would otherwise be incurred on screening, employing and vetting of the resources. This is the exact role played by team engagement. It takes time and money to train the staff to complete the project which can lead to unnecessary delays. With this staff, you can get the cost of Salesforce training down and save a lot of time.

4.Remain Proactive

When staff that has been augmented are working on projects that require ongoing attention, your team will be able to deal with daily tasks that need to be completed every day. It also reduces the need for administration tasks that happen if full-time resources are employed.

5.Specialist Assistance 

It will be possible to see numerous occasions that your group may face some obstacles in using Salesforce. It comes as no wonder that Salesforce development is too complicated. However, with the use of augmentation services, you will be able to get the help of an expert. It will enable you to deal with these challenges quickly. Consequently, the process will be flawless and there will be no time delay.

6.Highly Scalable

Salesforce is available to accommodate the growth of your business. Making the most of Salesforce for your growing business is necessary to avoid becoming stagnant in your growth. Salesforce outsourcing ensures that this is the most effortless way to go about this. The augmentation provision will always accommodate you and it ensures you will get the experts in every step of the journey of your growth.

What Software Salesforce Positions are Often Required for Staff Augmentation?

Each staff augmentation company has a network of different Salesforce Professionals who can be hired depending on the scope of the company. On the other hand, some specific jobs are provided by many companies.

  • Leaders: 

Administration of salesforce entails administration and maintenance of salesforce systems. They provide user account management, data security, and system performance.


  • Creators: 

Developers of the Salesforce product create custom solutions on the Salesforce platform using languages such as Apex, Java, JavaScript, and SOQL.


  • Consultants: 

Salesforce consultants offer strategic suggestions for organizations to apply Salesforce systems.


  • Engineers: 

Salesforce architects are in charge of designing complex solutions and also provide advice to the group on things like customizations, integrations, and data migrations.


  • Data Analysts: 

Salesforce data analysts' major responsibilities are to analyze and interpret data including customer lifetime value and customer retention in the Salesforce systems.


  • Quality Assurance: 

Salesforce QA/testers can test new integrations like a CRM, for example, or a BI tool to verify the proper functioning.


What are the Steps to Implement a Salesforce Staff Augmentation Strategy?

Here are five key steps that you should follow to ensure that the process proceeds smoothly and effectively.


  • Identify your Requirements:

Think about which tasks need to be done, the skills required for each task, and the level of competence required. This will create job descriptions for you and help you decide on the essential skills required for each position.


  • Choose an Experienced Staff 

Carry out your research and choose a company that has not only Salesforce staff augmentation experience but has a good history of providing well-qualified employees as well. You should always check their references and request any relevant studies or project examples which they have undertaken.


  • Conduct Interviews and Skill Tests

To ensure that the staff members they provide have the requisite Salesforce expertise by conducting interviews and skill assessments. Ask open-ended questions throughout the interview to encourage applicants to discuss their skills and expertise.


  • Bring More Employees

Make sure employees have received the required training and are aware of the procedures and culture of your company. Establishing precise objectives, deadlines, and standards for their work can facilitate their rapid integration into your team and project contributions.


  • Manage Performance

Establish routine performance evaluations and check-ins to monitor employees' advancement and pinpoint areas in need of development. Constant training and feedback will help them develop their abilities and make sure they live up to expectations.

What Are the Barriers - When Integrating Salesforce Staffing

  • Pricing: 

Staff hiring can be expensive as well even if you use staff augmentation. You need to be constantly sure that you get the worth of your investments. Choose insurance companies that offer affordable rates as well as employ well-trained and skilled staff.


  • Safe and Security: 

The augmented staff members could access your organisation's data and then share it with external parties, which could lead to a data breach. Formulate a clear security plan give the augmented staff the guidelines to follow and require them to sign an acknowledgement.


  • Integration with the Existing Team: 

The augmented crew with your existing crew could find themselves working and communicating in different styles, which may result in stress. State the expectations and build skills up with augmented team members.


Tips for Successful Salesforce Staff Augmentation


The successful implementation of a staff augmentation implementation may feel like an unattainable goal at times, particularly in Salesforce but not necessarily impossible. Nevertheless, it is you who will make it come true if you adopt the appropriate approaches and methods.


  • Establish Straight-forward Channels of Communication: 

Put in place effective communication routes and procedures. Have frequent meetings and project status outlines so everyone is updated with the same information.


  • Give Consistent Training:

Give the increased staff members the necessary direction to do as expected. You won’t need to teach augmented employees fundamental skills; instead, you’ll focus on telling them about newer features and updates to enhance the quality of their work.


  • Post-project Evaluations: 

Evaluate the project after launch to define the strengths and problem areas. It will make you amend your processes and achieve more tactful results.

How to Determine a Reliable Salesforce Staff Augmentation Partner?

Quality services are not always provided by all providers. For others, it could be low-quality services that leave you with an incompetent team to face off your business's Salesforce needs. Consequently, the thorough analysis of various textbooks and quality selection is key to guaranteeing a high standard.


  • Staff Expertise: 

Ensure that the advisor has expertise in the particular fields in which you require their assistance. Make sure your provider has a team of experienced Salesforce developers if you need assistance with Salesforce development.


  • Adaptability:

Find a reliable partner who will be able to change the dynamic nature of your organization. They must provide staff members on-call and adjust the staffing level as dictated by the circumstances.


  • Clear Communication and Cooperation: 

Opt for a brand that offers amazing customer care and assistance. They should be attentive to your needs and issues and should report on these regularly.

Quest GLT has a network of Salesforce-certified specialists that will be customized according to your business needs.

Hiring Salesforce staff augmentation services is one of the best ways for companies to solve the skills gap and guarantee the achievement of their Salesforce projects. Following the steps mentioned and cooperating with a reliable provider, staff augmentation can provide your organization with the needed solutions to achieve its goals and compete successfully in the market.

Quest GLT takes pride in being an elite Salesforce staff augmentation service provider. We can leverage our network of skilled Salesforce professionals to set up, customize, and manage your Salesforce systems so that they work to your advantage. We provide customized staffing to augment your existing team with skilful communicators who are mentored for superior performance to get the desired results.

Contact the Quest GLT team today if you want to fill the resource gap in your internal team and plan to successfully implement your Salesforce project!

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