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ICO known as Initial offering coin can be explained as an unregulated system of fund raising

for the cryptocurrency venture. When a cryptocurrency firm makes an idea of having the

Initial offering coin, they have to make a plan on whitepaper to startup which states about the

nature of the project, how will it start , what will the timing of completion of the project and

how many tokens will be needed for the project and what type of money will be accepted for

the venture .. In the beginning of this process the beneficiaries of the firm themselves buy the

coins with virtual currency.

Now comes the question If the coins do not fulfil the minimum need? The answer is if the

minimum need is not fulfilled the money is to be returned to the bankers and the ICO is

deemed as unsuccessful. In the following operation the early cryptocoin users are set

optimistic in order to fetch higher value. One of the example of successful ICO operation

which was also started as a small contract was Entherum. In this platform the cryptocoins

were called as Ethers. They gained the benefit of 18 million bitcoin or $0.4 Ether. The project

went live in 2015 and 2016 and gained highest profits. ICO and ISO are similar to as to keep

stake for an initial start up during an ICO operation. But ICO only differs on the perspective

of crowdfunding which is an important aspect. This is the reason ICO is also called as

crowdsales. A rapid surge in 2017 made the improvisation of involvement of governmental as

well as non -governmental powers. It has been made banned by the Republic of China over

ICO. The ban also penalizes the offering totally and now Facebook, Twitter has also banned

the advertisements of ICO.

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