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An integral part of the website design and development is its “process”. It is very important to know that what it takes to make a well-functioning website. There are numerous steps, time taking procedures and effort to reach up to the expectations of the company website. The initial stages involve gathering information about the website and planning the layout of the website. Information and graphics are to be used in a smart way to design the markup of the website. The first step in gathering information consists of the purpose of the website and the goals that we want to achieve. As a part of collecting useful data, we should know the depth of the content that will be provided on the website and target the specific audience accordingly. Moving onto the planning part, web designers must think to incorporate Content Management System(CMS) such as WordPress and any required contact forms too.

Diving into the depth of the process, we go through the further two phases that are design and development. We have already talked about the difference between them. It is the sole duty of the web designer to create one or more prototype designs that are typically an image of the final design. The needs are to be informed to designer well before and there should be an elementary exchange of ideas to meet the expected design. Talking about the development side, apart from including content management system it also involves writing valid HTML/CSS code that compiles to web standards and ensuring its maximum functionality as well as accessibility to a large audience as possible.

After the fuel fledge development the website needs to go through another two phases that are Testing and Maintenance. Testing includes that the designer will test the complete functionality of all forms and all the codes used are valid or not. Once it is verified then the website is delivered. File Transfer Protocol(FTP) is used to upload and allows hosting websites. Moreover, further plugins such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO) can be installed. Maintenance is the last important step to work towards. We must upload new information and offer new content to bring repeat visitors to your website. You can update your own content via implementing CMS. Web designers know this skill of maintaining and updating very well. Ending towards the discussion and hoping to get you to your dream design of the website. These are long but efficient and enough procedures, to create an attractive and interactive website.  

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