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Revealing the Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies in the USA

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In this blog, we will take a look at the top 10 cloud computing companies in the USA. But before that, let’s first understand what cloud computing is and what are the market trends.

In today’s tech market cloud computing is one of the most sensual buzzwords. But did you know from where did this word come? Some reports say that the word was used in 2006 by big technology companies such as, and Alphabet Inc., to describe a new component of file management and computer software services across the web, Google began using “cloud computing”. 

According to a study, the word “cloud computing” was coined in 1996, when tech leaders at Compaq Computer were developing the internet’s future and were using it as a design term. However, when big tech companies started to make cloud computing initiatives, the world learned more about this technology. A further obstacle for candidates hoping to work in the cloud computing industry is the huge number of USA cloud computing firms. Forthcoming employees want a source to show which American cloud computing firms are deserving of their time and vibrancy.

Indeed, this is the issue we are discussing today. This blog highlights the top 10 cloud computing companies in the USA that you should be involved in and partner with. Among other things, we'll discuss the history and the leading cloud computing companies which provide a great opportunity for cloud developers as well as clients in the United States. After reading this blog, you'll be more trained to decide which cloud-related company you can choose for your business.

Market Outlook of USA’s Cloud Computing Companies 

One of the largest elements in IT is Cloud computing, which persists in to rise believing the growing demand for cloud-related products and services across diverse industries such as institutions, companies, and governments. Some of the largest cloud computing companies in the world operate in the US, which remains a prominent market. Spending on cloud services has become more polarised due to the current economic climate, yet the companies are still growing steadily despite brief hiccups.

In 2023, over $65 billion was spent worldwide by businesses on cloud infrastructure services, a $10 billion increase from yearly. This indicates a $10 billion rise in the cloud computing sector.

According to a report, global IT investment is expected to reach 4.3% to $4.7 trillion. The cloud computing sector is nevertheless strong despite the market uncertainties brought on by economic turmoil. Global end-user expenditure on public cloud services is projected to increase up to 20.7% to $591.8 billion. Another report says there will be a 20.1% growth worldwide compared to 2022.

When it comes to the global cloud computing sector, the USA leads the pack. The cloud computing market size in North America stood at $401.49 billion, and at the same time, the global cloud computing market was reported at $569.31 billion. This makes North America’s cloud computing global market share at 70.52%. 

As of 2023, the big companies continue to dominate the industry with a market share of 32-34%. The giants of the IT industry had a combined 65% of the worldwide market share. The remaining businesses that grew the fastest year over year in 2023 were, among other corporations. By market share, these businesses rank among the largest cloud service providers worldwide.

These US IT giants continue to surpass other market players in the growing global cloud market by bringing innovations through their cloud platforms and introducing artificial intelligence (AI) to offer efficient cloud services.

To discover the top cloud computing companies in the USA, we initiated by compiling a list of all publicly traded companies that offer cloud computing services. We grabbed the top 10 cloud computing companies based on their high market value. According to the market capitalization,  the companies are enumerated in ascending order 

Since every company on our list are public, we ranked them based on market capitalization which indicates their total worth in the market. To give a more accurate idea of the listings, we have also noted the hourly rate of the organisations. Without a delay, let’s look at the top 10 cloud computing companies in the USA.

Top 10 Leading Cloud Computing Companies in the USA

1. Quest Global Technologies

  • Founded: 2013

  • Location: USA 

  • Employees: 50-249

  • Hourly Rate: $50-$149/hr

Quest Global Technologies is one of the leading Cloud Computing Companies in the USA and has established its reputation in the rapidly changing world of technology solutions. Quest Global Technologies stands out among its competitors in the cloud computing sector through its unwavering dedication to improvement and quality.

Creating a remarkable presence, Quest Global Technologies with its vast knowledge base services clients with excellent cloud solutions meeting all their needs. As one of the key players in the USA, the company leverages cloud computing potential to enhance business efficiency and agility.

Quest Global is special because of its unstoppable technological development and customer orientation. The online services of the firm are designed to adapt to the growing needs of businesses, offering scalable, secure and flexible choices. It is Quest Global Technologies that goes beyond streamlining operations and data management to creating platforms that foster collaboration and enable businesses to flourish in the digital era.

2. instinctools 

  • Founded: 2000

  • Location: Potomac, USA 

  • Employees: 250-999

  • Hourly Rate: $25-$49/hr

The US and Germany-based company instinctools is a prominent software product development and consulting firm. Their strength is based on the combined expertise of more than 350 experienced employees in the industry, strategically located in development centres across Poland, Kazakhstan and LATAM. We pride ourselves on offering self-managed teams of dedicated multi-site developers, a strategy that aims to reduce development costs, while simultaneously providing speed to market so rapidly will.

With an impressive 23 years of experience in the industry, we introduce a clear communication model that has become a hallmark of our practice. Our team of over 350 experienced specialists has completed over 1000 projects, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. At instinctools, we can deliver effective innovative solutions that transcend geographic boundaries, making us a trusted partner in the dynamic software development and consulting process.

3. Aryavrat Infotech Inc. 

  • Founded: 2009

  • Location: Foster City, USA 

  • Employees: 25-249

  • Hourly Rate: < $25/hr

Aryavrat Infotech Inc. Stands as an outstanding provider of IT Solutions within the United States, placing a heavy emphasis on a wide range of software development projects Our staff is comprised of experienced, innovative and dynamic dedicated experts to outsource software development and provide offshore software to businesses. This commitment also extends to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and corporate clients. Our core competencies include enterprise application development and web application development services. Notably, we commit to emerging as the leading Android & iOS app development company in the US, contributing to the global growth of our clients’ digital footprint.

As a leading force in the software development landscape, we have the necessary resources that keep us ahead of the competition, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. Our multi-faceted approach combines expertise, innovation and transformation, which allows Aryavrata Infotech Inc. to rank as the leading innovator in the world. stand out as a trusted partner for those looking for cutting-edge solutions in the ever-evolving IT sector.

4. Scalex Technology Solutions 

  • Founded: 2015

  • Location: Bellevue, USA 

  • Employees: 10-49

  • Hourly Rate: < $25/hr

Scalex stands as a beacon in the digital technology industry and offers matching scale products for the start-up SMB. and the creation of products with flexible channels with central edges. Mobile, Cloud, and Analytics are involved in harnessing the potential of digital technologies,

Creating products with a customer-centric ethos and agile methodologies.

What sets Scalex apart in the consulting space is our unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and a strong commitment to providing superior products or solutions for our clients. In the rapid pace of innovation and advancing technology, our final products are constantly updated and developed quickly. This dynamic terrain provides our engineers with a compelling challenge to master new technologies and apply the knowledge gained to solve business and real-world challenges.

5. Cloud Analogy 

  • Founded: 2015

  • Location: Dover, USA 

  • Employees: 50-249

  • Hourly Rate: $25-$49/hr

Cloud Analogy has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing organizations in the last few years. The company’s phenomenal success can be directly attributed to a hard-working workforce driven directly by Salesforce-certified designers and developers. Our spectrum of Salesforce Consulting Services covers the entire journey, including development, integration, data migration, and deployment and optimization At Cloud Analogy, we don’t just provide services; we design robust Salesforce Solutions designed to elevate your business to aprecented highs, beyond limits you never imagined.

Our success is largely due to the collaboration and seamless communication of our expert team, which ensures that every aspect of the Salesforce application is delivered with precision and efficiency. From the inception of an idea to its realization to continuous improvement, Cloud Analogy is committed to providing a complete solution that matches the unique needs and aspirations of your business. As we navigate the challenges of the Salesforce ecosystem, our goal is not only to meet expectations but to exceed them, constantly setting new benchmarks in an ever-evolving environment of Salesforce excellence.

6. DATA Web, Inc. 

  • Founded: 1998

  • Location: Centennial, USA 

  • Employees: 2-9

  • Hourly Rate: $150-$199/hr

DATA stands as a beacon of expertise in web and software development, always keeping up with the latest technologies to deliver the best solutions for our clients. Our careful planning process includes conceptualization, design, wire fabrication, prototyping, and finally the manufacturing of the final product to ensure a comprehensive approach

Driving our success is a leadership team that is passionate about technology and unwavering in its commitment to continuous learning. Our abilities continue to grow and change, and the unwavering thirst for knowledge remains a constant driving force. Our longevity with 30 years of hard work in the industry confirms not only our commitment to continuous learning but also our dedication to our customers – whom we proudly refer to as partners.

Their success is reflected in collaboration, where we fit seamlessly into the fabric of businesses and organizations, and become an extension of their teams. We avoid imposing our strategies, choosing instead to incorporate them into yours. DATA, you get our dedicated team – no offshore resources – to ensure you take a personalized and engaged approach to meeting and exceeding your specific business needs.

7. LambdaTest 

  • Founded: 2007

  • Location: San Francisco, USA 

  • Employees: 50-249

  • Hourly Rate: < $25/hr

LambdaTest stands out as a scalable cloud-based cross-browser testing platform carefully designed to meet all website or web app testing needs in the cloud The LambdaTest platform is a comprehensive solution, targeting web app elements It ensures that they will be seamlessly rendered – including JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, video, and more – in any desktop and mobile web browser This is through a versatile approach that includes hands-on, visual and automated testing roads. LambdaTest empowers users to access more than 2,000 combinations of desktop and mobile browsers, all seamlessly integrated into the cloud

In addition to cross-browser testing, LambdaTest provides a robust Selenium network that supports 32 test automation frameworks in multiple programming languages, including Java, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, PHP, and Python. 

8. Serverspace 

  • Founded: 2019

  • Location: Claymont, USA 

  • Employees: 50-249

  • Hourly Rate: < $25/hr

ServerSpace is a recognized global cloud service provider that specializes in the rapid deployment of automated virtual infrastructure. Whether looking for Linux or Windows-based services, customers can access them from anywhere in the world in less than a minute. It provides an open-source set of serverspace APIs and CLI to facilitate the seamless integration of client services. The services extend beyond virtual infrastructure, featuring S3-compliant storage and expertise by Serverspace technical experts.

They are distinguished by server equipment installed in major Data Centers throughout the US, Europe, Russia, etc. Serverspace operates under the ITGLOBAL.COM Group of Companies This international group is renowned for its complete suite of IT products and services.

9. TruAdvantage

  • Founded: 2010

  • Location: Cupertino, USA 

  • Employees: 10-49

  • Hourly Rate: $15-$199/hr

TruAdvantage, an established IT company from the Bay Area, excels in managed IT, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and strategic IT management and remains the recipient of multiple awards Our mission is focused on delivering enterprise-level efficiency, vulnerability, scalability and security to more than 100 small and medium enterprise segments Entrusted to us as a dedicated IT partner.

Specializing in a variety of industries, including managed IT and cybersecurity, TruAdvantage prides itself on being a leader in innovation. Our goals extend to delivering simple cloud solutions and creating functional IT infrastructure that enables businesses to navigate the challenges of the digital landscape.

10 Next Big Technology

  • Founded: 2009

  • Location: Tucson, USA 

  • Employees: 50-249

  • Hourly Rate: < $25/hr

Founded in 2009, Next Big Technology stands as a unique web and app development company that is synonymous with providing premium services. At the heart of NBT’s ethos is a commitment to using the most up-to-date technologies in website and mobile app development.

As an experienced application development company, we have the know-how to create websites and apps that are beyond simple. Our approach is based on a hybrid of careful design and advanced design, ensuring the creation of products with inherent scalability. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the digital landscape, we stay ahead of technological developments and embrace the latest tools and techniques to propel our customers into a future of digital innovation.

NBT’s skills extend beyond just development; We understand the complexities of building blocks that can scale easily. Our team of experts navigate the complex application development process with precision, ensuring that every website and mobile app we develop has a harmonious blend of beautiful design and robust layout. At NBT, we’re not just developers; We are digital solutions architects, dedicated to delivering excellence through innovation and technical prowess.

Essential Parameters for Selecting Cloud Computing Companies in the USA

Business Requirements: Select a cloud computing service provider that offers the best solutions for your business requirements. With the dealer's help; choose the techniques that resolve all your business needs. In this manner, you'll rapidly compile a shortlist of vendors. Eliminating suppliers that don't fit your needs as a firm is simple.

1. Cost: 

Selecting the right plan for cloud migration is crucial as it is an expensive process. Determine the business's budget for cloud infrastructure and compare the pricing and licensing offerings of various cloud service providers.

2. Technological Advancements: 

Select a company with advanced operational and technical skills, guaranteeing they have the desired technologies & a competent team using this selected technology. This can be useful in some cases but dangerous in others, so choose a company who have cutting-edge proficiency.

3. Support: 

To ensure optimal cloud service, seek an organisation that offers round-the-clock assistance for implementation and relocation. While they can handle unexpected issues and have extensive knowledge of the target platform, third-party partners may not provide the necessary help. Be aware of potential providers' expectations before signing a contract.

4. Reliability: 

The dependability can be assessed by examining their performance over the past 12 months, focusing on areas where they can effectively manage both scheduled and unscheduled downtime, crucial for data recovery.

Looking for a Cloud Computing Company in the USA?

In recent years, cloud computing has become a major buzzword. This blog seeks to make selecting a provider easier, specifically for individuals seeking the most promising cloud computing company. The top 10 cloud computing companies in the USA are renowned as the biggest providers worldwide and are featured on the highlighted list. Opting for a suitable provider can immensely improve your enterprise operations & help you gain a deeper understanding.

Among these top organizations, Quest GLT stands out as a qualified provider. Partnering with us will bring infinite benefits. Our expertise & commitment to excellence in cloud computing position us as a trusted source for businesses that want to fully leverage the potential of this revolutionary technology. They promise a strategic partnership that will help take your business to new heights as you navigate a vast landscape of cloud service providers. Explore and take advantage of opportunities at Quest GLT!

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