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Leading Top 10 Quantum Computing Companies in the USA

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Around the world, an increasing number of quantum computing companies are leaping to develop functional processors concurrently with supporting hardware and software. The goal of this blog is to give a high-level synopsis of the current and upcoming circumstances of quantum computing firms through the year 2024. If you're seeking more information on these companies, read our blog thoroughly and stay updated.

Within sectors such as healthcare, cybersecurity, and finance, quantum computing holds promise as a novel route to solving computational issues. Unlike other complicated tech areas like virtual reality (VR) or artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing frequently occurs as a mystery to every individual who saves its users. There is a limited understanding of the possibilities of a quantum computer or the aspects positioning it apart from a conventional computer.

With the use of specialized hardware and software, quantum computers are predicted to be able to do tasks that are presently unattainable by traditional computers. Similarly, businesses involved in quantum computing are constantly developing technologies to improve the usefulness and accessibility of this cutting-edge technology.

As new developments keep coming out, the world of quantum computing is developing quick evolution. Let's witness the top 10 quantum computing companies in the USA that have been in the market for decades.

Before, we start discovering the top companies first understand the rise of quantum computing companies.

The explosive rise of quantum computing companies is undergoing a transformative shift in the technological landscape. Using the concept of quantum mechanics, quantum computers push the limits of traditional computing & deliver unmatched computing power. Leading innovation businesses are driving this wave of change by expanding the boundaries of what was previously thought impossible.

These companies pave the way for tackling complex challenges in an unprecedented way. As quantum computing can operate at earlier unimaginable speeds, it has revolutionized many industries such as drug finding, encryption & optimization Competitive advances are propelling growth as giants & entrepreneurs go quantum, and directing to fertile ground for discovery.

Global investment in quantum computing surged, reflecting the complexity of the industry. Companies are competing to take the lead in the quantum race while also advancing this nascent technology. The rapid growth of quantum computing companies signals a future where computational barriers will be broken, opening opportunities for scientific discoveries and technological developments that were once relegated to the world of science fiction. These companies are leading the world into a new era of computing possibilities as the quantum revolution unfolds

The purpose of this blog is to highlight the top quantum computing hardware and software companies as well as powerful startups in the industry that have conceivable research, products, or services.

The Following are the Updated List Of Quantum Computing Companies


1. Quest Global Technologies 

  • Founded: 2013

  • Location: USA 

  • Employees: 50-249

  • Hourly Rate: $50-$149/hr

Quest Global Technologies, a leading quantum computer company, has emerged as a key player in the transformation of quantum innovation. Committed to pushing the boundaries of computing capabilities, Quest Global Technologies brings to the forefront a wealth of expertise in quantum advancements.

Quest Global Technologies stands at a time when the power of quantum computing is rapidly becoming apparent and stands as a catalyst for breakthrough solutions. Their commitment to harnessing the power of quantum mechanics is evident in their programs of use in a groundbreaking array of applications, including groundbreaking quantum hardware and software advancements.

At the core of Quest Global Technologies' quantum effort is a multidisciplinary approach, combining all complex hardware and software to unlock the full potential of quantum computing While focusing on research, development and practical applications on top of that, the company positions itself as a leader in the dynamic landscape of quantum technologies.

2. Quantinuum

  • Founded: 2021

  • Location: USA 

  • Employees: 201-500

  • Hourly Rate: $25-$50/hr

A product of the merger of Cambridge Quantum Computing and Honeywell Quantum Solutions, Quantum has emerged with a compelling mission: this strategic alliance aimed at implementing, set up by ET to accelerate technology development & deliver tangible, real-world solutions will provide in the transformative power of quantum internal physics & diversity Start business success.

Focusing on the use of quantum computing for social benefit, Quantum targets key areas such as drug discovery, healthcare, materials science, cybersecurity, energy conversion, & climate change. Quantum’s global footprint is underlined by nearly 400 employees spread across offices in the USA, United Kingdom, Europe & Japan This international presence reflects the company’s commitment to innovate & work simultaneously around the globe. As Quantinium moves toward the frontier, it is poised to lead the charge to realize the enormous potential of quantum computing for the advantage of humanity

3. Baidu

  • Founded: 2000

  • Location: USA 

  • Employees: 10,000+

  • Hourly Rate: $45/hr

Founded in 2000 Baidu embarked on a mission to revolutionize information capture and enable seamless communication between users and businesses Since the company’s inception, it has moved to provide people with the most effective tools to access information. In recent years, Baidu Research has set its sights on becoming a global leader in quantum artificial intelligence (AI). With the ultimate goal of integrating cutting-edge quantum technology into Baidu's core business, the company is poised to redefine the AI ​​landscape through quantum advances


A breakthrough in this journey came last year with the release of Baidu’s inaugural quantum computer, Qianshi. This state-of-the-art system boasts a 10-qubit processor, demonstrating Baidu's commitment to pushing the limits of quantum computing. Notably, the company has also reached milestones in quantum chip development with its awesome 36-qubit chip. Baidu’s foray into quantum technology underscores its commitment to remain at the forefront of innovation. With a clear focus on quantum AI, Baidu is positioned to play a key role in the future of quantum computing and its integration across industries, marking a new era in technology development

4. Atos

  • Founded: 1997

  • Location: USA 

  • Employees: 10,000+

  • Hourly Rate: $30/hr

A global leader in digital transformation, Atos is particularly at the forefront of innovation in cybersecurity, cloud services and high-performance computing. A key feature of its division is the Quantum Learning Machine, a solution that it’s a pioneer hailed as the world’s most efficient simulator. This comprehensive design & development platform empowers & accelerates research processes across industries, giving customers unparalleled ability to discover & develop solutions.

The Atos QLM incorporates an impressive collection of programming platforms, high-performance simulators, & optimizers. This integrated approach ensures that applications developed on QLM can be easily converted to simulation or execution on quantum accelerators without requiring any changes to the original code This versatility confirms Atos' commitment to highlighting a smooth & efficient quantum computing experience for researchers & developers.

5. Strangeworks 

  • Founded: 2018

  • Location: USA 

  • Employees: 11-50

  • Hourly Rate: $24/hr

Founded in 2018 by William "Whurley" Hurley, Strangeworks emerges as a pioneering Austin, Texas-based startup with a challenging mission to democratize access to quantum computing At its core, Strangeworks looks forward to becoming a unified platform that combines the capabilities of quantum computing, breaking barriers, universal quantum computing And simplifying

The Quantum Computing Platform from Strangeworks goes beyond just hardware considerations, advocating for inclusion by creating a collaborative development environment for new development environments This new platform offers the latest developments, frameworks, open features and tools together in a single user interface with ease. By doing so, Strangeworks provides a holistic and user-friendly experience, ensuring that developers can harness the power of quantum computing without the limitations of complex hardware is not included

Headquartered in Austin, StrangeWorks is part of the Quantum Innovation Alliance, a commitment to breaking the access barriers that allow quantum computing to grow into niche technologies that connect to inclusive business. Strangeworks is dedicated to enabling people and organisations to fully explore the enormous potential of quantum computing, therefore bringing about a revolutionary change in the technological environment.

6. Zapata Computing

  • Founded: 2017

  • Location: USA 

  • Employees: 51-200

  • Hourly Rate: $38/hr

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Zapata AI specializes in quantum software and algorithms designed for specialized business applications. Central to its offerings is Orchestra, which was announced as the industry’s first integrated quantum work environment. This state-of-the-art system empowers users to create quantum-enhanced and easily deployable workflows on classical quantum computing technologies Zapata AI is dedicated to helping customers unlock the power of quantum computers to solve real-world problems.

Founded in 2017 by a team that includes Alan Aspuru-Gujik, Yudong Cao, Greg Carman, Mimi Flanagan, Catherine Londergan, and Christopher Savoie, Zapata AI is at the forefront of quantum innovation that provides a mobile quantum business environment beyond which company distinguishes between classical and quantum computing Efforts to process objects, providing industry-changing tools for tackling complex tasks and increasing computing capabilities In the field of quantum mechanics a hotly, Zapata AI is emerging as a key player, driving growth and facilitating the integration of quantum solutions into useful business applications.

7. QC Ware

  • Founded: 2014

  • Location: USA 

  • Employees: 11-50

  • Hourly Rate: $49-$63/hr

Based in Mountain View, California, QC Ware founded in 2014 by Matt Johnson and Randy Correll, is a leader in customized enterprise applications for quantum computing Leading their offerings is Forge, a key product for developers by various has to provide access to quantum hardware simulators offered by vendors.

In April, QC Ware unveiled Promethium, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) quantum chemistry platform. This groundbreaking solution is poised to revolutionize detection methods in the pharmaceutical and materials industries by dramatically accelerating research and development Promethium represents QC Ware’s commitment to pushing quantum computing functional boundaries, especially in areas where traditional methods can be time-consuming or restrictive

As a key player in the quantum computing environment, QC Ware's programs demonstrate their commitment to providing developers and entrepreneurs with powerful tools and platforms The introduction of Promethium is their approach to quantum technology plays a role in simulating the real-world implementation.

8. D-Wave Systems

  • Founded: 1999

  • Location: USA 

  • Employees: 51-200

  • Hourly Rate: $30/hr

D-Wave, the pioneering quantum computing project, stands as one of the early pioneers in this revolutionary field. Since its founding in 1999, the company has been dedicated to the design and development of quantum computing systems and high-energy electronic devices. Founded by visionaries Haig Faris, Jordy Rose, Bob Wiens and Alexander Zagoskin, D-Wave offers quantum annealers and gateway-based quantum computers from its headquarters in Burnaby, Canada

As a market leader, especially in quantum annealing technology, D-Wave specializes in solving optimization problems by demonstrating optimal solutions. This capability puts them at the forefront of complex challenges using quantum computing applications.

A notable milestone for D-Wave came in August 2022 when the company made a significant move into the public sector through a dedicated Special Purpose Acquisition (SPAC) This strategy highlights the D-Wave method as an influential player in the burgeoning quantum computing landscape and underscores its commitment

9. Bleximo

  • Founded: 2017

  • Location: USA 

  • Employees: 11-50

  • Hourly Rate: N/A

Berkeley-based Bleximo is a quantum company on the frontier to develop application-specific quantum computers using superconducting technology Since its founding by Alexei Marchenkov in 2017, they have taken a different path, with algorithms and hardware the main goal is to achieve quantum gain in its co-developed their sophisticated quantum accelerators, called qASICs, based on superconducting qubits.

Bleximo represents a brilliant hybrid quantum-classical computer. Harnessing the force of the most complex qubits, these accelerators work seamlessly with conventional, high-power computers. This collaborative approach solves challenges that would be impractical or completely impossible utilising traditional digital computing alone. Bleximo’s commitment to advancing technology, especially in an area of ​​distinct applications, positions them as key players in the ongoing development of quantum computing

10 .Xanadu

  • Founded: 2016

  • Location: USA 

  • Employees: 51-200

  • Hourly Rate: $43/hr

Founded in 2016 by Christian Weedbrook, Xanadu is a quantum innovation company headquartered in Toronto. Specializing in the development of full-stack quantum photonic processors, Xanadu is known for its open-source quantum software platform, Strawberry Fields

At the forefront of their technological prowess is Borealis,  a programmable photonic quantum computer with 216 squeezed qubits. Notably, Borealis has shown superior performance in specific tasks compared to the best classical supercomputers. In stunning earnings this June, Xanadu unveiled a "quantum computing advantage," marking a milestone in the company's efforts to harness the power of quantum mechanics With Christian Weedbrook at the helm Xanadu is pushing the boundaries of new quantum materials, and advancing hardware and software advancements, and helping in the transformative evolution of quantum computing.

Bottom Line

We hope our list has provided you with valuable insights into quantum computing. These top 10 quantum computing companies in the USA. this is noteworthy, as well-funded tasks covering both hardware & software projects. Choosing the right provider can greatly enhance your company’s operations & your understanding.

Among these leading organizations, Quest GLT stands out as a unique quantum computing company. There are infinite benefits to being united with us. Our deep expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence in quantum computing make us a trusted partner for schemes aiming to unlock the full potential of this cutting-edge technology. Delve into new horizons and take advantage of opportunities with Quest GLT by your side!

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