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App Exchange

Transform your idea into Salesforce app with Quest’s Appexchange development. We offer a full buffet of services to develop and deploy your app on the AppExchange. We provide our services to Publishers, SAAS Vendors and Platform Users.

  • Planning : If you have any idea to create your own app or you want to create an enhancement for the existing Salesforce functions. We at Quest can help you transform your idea into reality

  • Development : We have a team of certified developers that can build the app as planned while following all the Salesforce standard practices. We can also release a beta version to get your idea validated with your closed groups and make any change required to enhance the user experience. Our apps our thoroughly tested before pushing them to the marketplace.

  • Security Review : Salesforce follows high standard of security and data privacy of their users. Their team ensures that all the apps pushed to go live don’t allow unauthorised access to their platform and is also free from vulnerabilities. This process can take upto several weeks to go through. Our team of experts helps you to prepare a review that can pass the security review in the first attempt.

  • Deployment : Once the app passes the security review. It’s time to go live and generate revenue. Salesforce offers two ways to make the app public on the appexchange either by directly downloading it from an appexchange listing or through a direct download link. Our team will help you in creating marketplace listing so that it is ready available to the users.

  • Maintenance : After the app is live, the main task is to maintain and provide regular updates. We provide maintenance services in order to help our client updating the app whenever there is a new platform changes roll out by Salesforce. In some cases salesforce also requires the app to again go through the security review process.

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