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What is ERP/CRM?

ERP/CRM systems overlap in some areas and can be fully incorporated into others.

ERP is the shortened form of Enterprise Resource Planning. It allows a company to use a balance of mixed applications to handle the business and automate different back-office activities associated with services, human resources, and technology. Our ERP software helps in integrating all the sides and aspects of an operation.

Nowadays, no organisation can survive without technology in order to meet the specific needs of the fiercely competitive market and competitors. Innovation is very important for keeping in pace with the constant hanging market dynamics. ERP systems are a single database system as it centralizes the data in one place and helps in curbing the problem of synchronizing changes between multiple systems.

ERP consists of Customer relations, Supply chain, Inventory, Purchasing, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Manufacturing and Engineering. ERP software gives advice to the staff members, which enables them to learn and grow the business performance instantly, therefore, you can skip failures.

How can ERP help your business?

  • Our ERP software is based on high end technology and can reduce the cost for various manual jobs.

  • Our Sales Automation module automatically captures the inventory details and confirms the order on the fly.

  • Sales are crucial for every business. Location tracker traces the location of the sales personnel through GPS system and updates in the system in a few seconds.

  • Our ERP is a smart tool which integrates with your existing platforms with the use of cloud technologies to facilitate smooth and better performance of the firm.

  • Our ERP gives you a platform where you can view the performance of the sales person, lead conversion, area covered by the sales personnel that can be helpful for the appraisal assessment.

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Our software is based on the most advanced SMAC technology.


One can utilize Mobile Application to track the status of tasks in real time.


Our software can run on cloud as well on your own server.


Improves overall efficiency and productivity.


Lower development and maintenance cost than various other high end ERP systems.


Much higher Return on Investment.

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