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How to Become a Salesforce Administrator?

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Building a cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) software and providing a suite of products that manage sales, marketing, IT, customers and commerce etc are some basic needs of a business organization these days. Nothing can do it better than a company that aids businesses in growing full-fledged by providing Salesforce solutions.

Such companies are made up of several significant roles that hold proficiency in a specific zone. Salesforce Administrators is one of them who acts as an advisor for the business group to get the most out of this platform. From customizing the platform and supporting the user to forging a connection between the business and technology, everywhere a Salesforce Admin plays a pivotal role.

How can one take the right career path to become a valuable Salesforce Administrator?

For getting the best opportunities in the field of the Salesforce Administrator community, one must thoroughly explore its carrier path. The right guidance and learning of skills will lead you to the best place you have visualized. Here are some points that one must follow during the journey of becoming a valuable asset of a Salesforce company as a Salesforce Administrator.

  • Accumulate experience through using the Salesforce platform
  • Clearing the Salesforce Certified Administration Exam
  • Now apply for the Salesforce Administration job

Following these steps can ease the path of becoming a Salesforce Administrator but deep information regarding them is yet to avail of. How to gain experience in this field, what is the right strategy to clear the certification exam and what are the best ways of seeking a desirable job in this field, a lot of questions can come across your mind. Here is the detailed analysis for you.

1. Accumulate experience through using the Salesforce platform-

The experience of any skill or working in any specific field depicts the job readiness of a person who wants to lure recruiters for getting a desirable job. But the thought arrives that what are the ways which can offer a valuable experience to a learner in Salesforce Administration? The answer to this question is given below.

  1. You can take advantage of gaining experience through the Salesforce courses which also provide the certificate regarding your learning.
  2. An internship or entry-level job can also be a good option to grab noteworthy experience in the Salesforce Administration field.
  3. Learning from professionals who are working in the same field is an ideal way to gain experience. You can join a Salesforce Community which is available in online mode and share your thoughts and queries with other persons pursuing the same Salesforce Administrative career path.

2.  Clearing the Salesforce Certified Administration Exam -

For filling the position of a Salesforce Administrator, the Salesforce companies look for a certified Salesforce administrator. To clear this certification exam you must be aware of the knowledge of specific skills that are included in this field.

  • Use of lightning app builder and object manager
  • Configuration and the setup
  • Applications of Sales and marketing in the business field
  • Applications of service and support
  • Managing the data and analytics
  • Workflow and process automation
  • Productivity and collaboration

All these points related to the Salesforce Platform subjects require a thorough knowledge of them to clear the exam and become a certified Salesforce Administrator.

3. Now apply for the Salesforce Administration job -

After gaining enough experience in the Salesforce administration field and training the certificate for approving yourself as one of the best Salesforce Administrators, now you need to look for a job opening in this particular field.

During this procedure, you must keep some essential points in your mind. Like,

  • Carefully read each of the Salesforce Administration job reviews in which you are interested.
  • Understanding the tasks, responsibilities, guidelines, required skill knowledge and perks & salary is the most important thing while picking one Salesforce Administration job for yourself.
  • Do not forget to upgrade your resume timely and add the new learnings and skills to it for a better presentation of your job readiness.
  • Gradual learning in the field of interview clearance is one of the must-do tasks when you are seeking a suitable Salesforce Administration Job for yourself. This will boost confidence in you while approving the clients or a company.

Building these skills in you parallel to the preparation for the exam and gaining experience will be more fruitful for your successful journey of becoming a Salesforce Adminstrative.

What kind of job role you will play in a Salesforce Company as a Certified Salesforce Administrative?

A Salesforce Administrative bears too many responsibilities to make a business organization well versed in its all services. The multifaceted role of this job position includes the completion of several tasks such as,

  • Fixing bugs/errors
  • Creating the reports based on data
  • Automation of the processes for smooth workflow
  • Integration of the third-party applications
  • Training the teams or Salesforce users.
  • Setting the workflow in the right direction
  • Maintenance of the platform, updating the profiles of users and improving the setting features of the platform are also a Salesforce Administrative's responsibility.
  • For a better understanding of key data, the administration also creates a dashboard for individual users.
  • To overpower other companies in the tough competition it is mandatory to include the use of advanced Salesforce tools and make the team adept at them. A Salesforce Administrative is well versed in this task as well.

Which industries are ideal for a Salesforce Administration job?

A wide range of industries and sectors are open for the Salesforce Administration job like health care, legal services, construction, insurance, human resources, non-profit organizations and the government sectors etc. You can pick the best-suited one for yourself according to your knowledge and convenience.

You can act as a Salesforce architect in the above-given fields who establishes a connection between business and technology and design the data modules for the integration with Salesforce.

Working as a Salesforce developer will also be a good choice if you find yourself interested in writing the software for the Salesforce platform for these organizations and developing apps for them.

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