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A Whitepaper is a detailed piece of writing explaining particulars of a Project issued by a company highlighting features of Problem(s) and their targeted Solution. Whitepapers are data centric, text heavy business documents, which are contrived to be used as marketing collaterals and differ greatly from a user manual, brochures or other technical documents in their intended ways of providing persuasive and factual information of how a particular offering is the superior method of approaching or solving stated problem or challenge.

Due to large amount of data and research, Whitepaper are deep reads and tend to have a formal tone. An ideal Whitepaper defines the success value of product/service offered and along with a detailed explanation of its commercial, technological and financial insights. In a simple and comprehensive manner, it explains everything one needs to know about the project in order to make an informed decision about investment interests.

When a company designates launching of a new cryptocurrency, they set out all their crucial information on a Whitepaper. This devised document explains in layman terms what they are planning to do in order to attract investors and allied concerned parties.  These are great tools for generating capability.

Ideal Format of a Whitepaper: - It is a formal document that follows a preset format. The general outline typically is as follows-

  1. A Problem Statement – The problem statement specifies the issue(s) that Whitepaper will address. The problem needs to be defined and placed into a context to ensure it’s understood by the reader. The information section is the most important part of the paper, where the introduction and problem statements are tied together to shed light on the product and all its features. This information will lead to a solution.
  2. Solutions To The Problem – The ‘ta-da’ moment of the White paper. Based on the preceding information, the solution is now presented. The value-proposition is developed and argued for using gathered evidence by the company here. The solution section will help generate leads and gathering for the company. This section must contain both quantitative and qualitative information.
  3. A Technical Case And Consensus Algorithm – Context without technical case isn’t a Whitepaper, it’s a spreadsheet. It is an integral part of the block chain network. It must include technical aspects and along with mathematical proof if needed. This is best conveyed through metrics the customer has agreed to be measured on.  The salient components of the network, it’s technical infrastructure and functions are discussed minutely in this section of Whitepaper.
  4. The Team – The investors will not feel enough to entrust their funds unto the hands of some unknown entity. Introducing the team, founders, advisors and strategic alliance partners to the audience is must. This will help you instill trust of your investors. It also proves that you have a talented reliable team to run your business.
  5. The Roadmap – A roadmap will depict the working plan for the future endeavors. It will enlighten the readers about the mission and vision. It records the key events which will take place during the development span of the project. A roadmap will help the investors understand the expected growth prospect of the project.
  6. Conclusion – This section summarizes the Whitepaper’s major findings and an inclusive review of a problem at the end. Briefly recap the solution.

A great Whitepaper should be able to solve any doubts that a potential investor might have by answering the following questions: -

  1. What is the main aim of project?
  2. Does it have a viable business model?
  3. What are the main problems that business is going to solve?
  4. How it is different from its competitors? What are its USPs?
  5. How are they planning on handling the funds?
  6. Who are the team members and what is their credibility?
  7. Is there a working prototype for this project or is it just a theoretical right now?

Design your own Whitepaper

Quality Whitepaper design helps your product and service with a tailor-made go-to-market strategy. The content and research dissertation not just informs the reader but also  fosters inclusive comprehension of the problem throughout the document.

  • Cover page
  • Great introduction
  • Images for explanation
  • Descriptive and professional tone
  • Organized draft
  • Emphasis on value creation

Do’s and Don’ts of Crypto Whitepapers

A good Whitepaper is one that has been supported by significant discourse, so no mistake or ambiguity is allowed. Don’t fall victim to the following mainstream pitfalls:

  1. Avoid mistakes and errors. This is so unprofessional and will create a bad impression about the sincerity of effort.
  2. Discuss all the details from an objective point of view, with personal bias cast aside.
  3. Don’t present unrealistic goals and objectives. Keep the roadmap pragmatic.
  4. Pay extra attention to the format. Ensure that there’s consistency with the design, layout and style of the Whitepaper.
  5. When everything is complete, review the Whitepaper thoroughly and conduct a final edit.

For more information, please refer to our Sample Whitepaper Structure shared below or reach out to us at: info@questglt.com :


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