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Salesforce Lightning vs Salesforce Classic - The major differences

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Transforming the services according to the requirement of a user through the customized options makes Salesforce more advantageous. "Salesforce Lightning" is one such advanced tool of it that offers way more than Salesforce Classic. In diverse ways, a user can make the most of the utilization of the Salesforce platform by including Salesforce Lightning in day to day working schedule.

Salesforce Lightning vs Salesforce Classic

Here is a detailed view of some shortcomings of Salesforce Classic and various newly introduced features of Salesforce Lightning.

A basic introduction of Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning -

Salesforce Classic is an old interface of the Salesforce CRM platform that offers several basic functions that do not match the pace of high-resolution monitors. As an example - The small text of the Interface and the unavailability of graphics in high resolution make it less advantageous for users.

Introduced in beta version 2015, Salesforce Lightning is way more advanced than the Salesforce Classic. A user can make maximum use of Salesforce through the flexible and customized interface of the Salesforce Lightning framework. There is a wide range of features that make the representation of your business on the screen more organized. As an example -  Easy to read texts, high-resolution graphics and icons, charts, reports and forecasting the upcoming situation help the users in attaining a great insight into your business.

A comparative analysis of Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic based on the below-given subjects.

  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Progressive platform with constant upgradation
  • Strong defense against security threats
  • A simple way of generating leads
  • Ahead of Time by Forecasting feature
  • Cost-effectiveness

These services of Salesforce Lightning compel the old users of Salesforce Classic to switch on it and represent their business in a well-organized format. Let's know how you can take advantage of the services of the Salesforce Lightning tool.

1. Enhanced User Interface

The major difference between Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning is the user interface available on their frameworks. You can also say that it is one of the most compelling reasons why users are shifting to Salesforce Lightning from Salesforce Classic. The latter provides an outdated version of the user interface that is incapable of fulfilling users' requirements.

While on the other hand, the in-built features of Salesforce Lightning allow you to,

  • Change and create the salesforce pages even without taking help from a salesforce developer.
  • Customization according to the need of the user is possible through the drag-and-drop functionality. You do not need to write code for it.
  • The inclusion of news, performance chart, key deals and the facility of tracking activities for the leads make it more advanced.

2. Progressive platform with constant upgradation

For managing customer relationships, customized, updated and flexible platforms play a huge role and Salesforce Lightning includes all of them for providing a better experience to the users. Even after having too many lucrative and beneficial features, lightning is constantly updated by Salesforce but Classic remains "as is" for a long time.

As the business and customer base of clients evolves, the updated lightning service tool follows the path of constant progression.

3. Strong defense against security threats

A centralized security feature weakens the defense power of Salesforce Classic. A single line of protection can not secure your data from getting breached.

On a contradicting note, Salesforce Lightning offers advanced security features that help users in tackling security threats.

  • Salesforce Lightning offers Locker Service that acts as a security layer between the components. Along with establishing a connection with each other, the components can perform their work separately with this security feature of lightning.
  • The segmented components facility limits the risk of data breach to one part only.
  • Prohibition on the change of permission also strengthens the defensive system of lightning. You can log out from the system and make certain permission changes then log in to the system. Changing the permission during the already logged-in state is not allowed due to security purposes.

4. A simple way of generating leads

Though Salesforce Classic generates leads for the rapid growth of the business, Salesforce Lightning's lead generation is way more effective than that.

Here is the advantage of using the Lead Generation system of Salesforce Lightning.

  • The activity timeline of Salesforce Lightning depicts every detail for generating leads in the form of interactions, calls, meetings and tasks.
  • Tracking the sales of your business is also quite easy with the help of the Path component.
  • The news tool provides you with updated information regarding each valuable step of the business world to generate the lead.
  • With the help of note components, you can keep a record of each lead and account in the sales department. Adding images, auto-save notes and versioning are some features that make you able to know about the leads without exciting the Salesforce Dashboard.

5. Ahead of time by Forecasting features

Based on only the various reports, campaigns, products and templates, the Salesforce Classic limits the forecasting of business. A business person needs a deep insight into the current data and its customization for better reporting to the team.

Here the extended services of Salesforce Lightning offer you the advantage of being informed about reporting and forecasting with the help of enhanced charts. You can customize them with the help of filters and keep the only data that is beneficial for you. They depict the detailed interaction for reporting and forecasting. The incorporation of the Einstien Analytics in Salesforce Lightning makes it more advance because it has its own database which is updated every hour.

6. Cost-effectiveness

Well after knowing the advanced service features of Salesforce Lightning you must be thinking of the hefty charges of it in comparison to the classic. But the surprising fact is it offers all the above-given features at the same charges as Classic. You can switch from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning at any time and even without paying any additional charges. But you will need to pay some indirect prices while switching on it as - Your team will require training for the Salesforce Lightning.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the difference between Salesforce Lightning and Classic Trailhead?

Salesforce Lightning is the latest version of the Salesforce platform, offering a modern user experience, faster performance, and enhanced customization options. It uses a progressive loading technique to deliver content quickly and reliably. Trailhead Classic is the traditional way of learning Salesforce -- it's interactive but focused on step-by-step instruction rather than real-time feedback. Both are excellent resources for learning how to use Salesforce effectively.


What is the difference between Lightning and classic list view?

The main difference between the Classic list view and Lightning list view is the way data is laid out. Classic list view uses Tabs layout, while the Lightning list view uses a Search layout. When copying a Classic list view, you'll need to edit the Search layout to match it. Furthermore, Lightning also introduces more navigation options which allow you to easily customize your user experience. With Lightning, you can quickly switch between views and access related lists right from your main screen.

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