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TypeScript & JavaScript Which one is better and how?

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TypeScript was developed by one of the tech giants -Microsoft in the year 2012. The main focus behind creating such an open-source programming language was developing large scaled and complicated applications. While Java Script is an age-old scripting language for the entire developers' community. It is a basic scripting language that is utilized in developing web and applications.

A Question that clears the major difference b/w the two

But if we think that why TypeScript was developed when JavaScript was already available for developing web applications?  Here is the major difference between them that is also the answer to this question. JavaScript can not create large and complex web apps while TypeScript can. Being a client-side programming language, JavaScript can never flourish in the tech industry. The heavy and complex codes of JavaScript did not stand up to the expectations of an object-oriented programming language. Hence TypeScript came into effect to bridge the essential gaps.

What makes TypeScript different from JavaScript?

Apart from the above given fundamental cause, several other factors create big differences between JavaScript and TypeScript. Let's have a look at those key factors.

  • Learning both the languages
  • The graph of popularity
  • Efficient performer
  • Standard syntax
  • Updated framework and available tools

These features of TypeScript and JavaScript make each other different in various working projects. A detailed view of the above-given traits of both scripting languages is mandatory to understand them thoroughly.

1. Learning both languages -

When you view the learning curve of both scripting languages, JavaScript is way easier than TypeScript. But the learning path of TypeScript language goes through the fundamental knowledge of JavaScript. To write a TypeScript code you need to be aware of the OOPS concept as well.

While on a separate base, learning JavaScript is quite easy as developers learn it with HTML and CSS.

2. The graph of Popularity -

On a comparative note, TypeScript has gained much more popularity than JavaScript as the developers find several guides and videos on the internet for learning its advantageous traits. Many enterprises also implemented TypeScript in a very short span right after its development.

On the other hand, JavaScript has not that large community that guides one to learn this scripting language. Though you can take help from the libraries, frameworks and code practices to clear the basic doubts about the JavaScript language.

3. Efficient performer -

TypeScript was mainly created to surpass the drawbacks and incapabilities of JavaScript. So it is quite obvious that TypeScript holds far more efficiency than JavaScript and tops the place of better performer on a comparison between both of them.

The use of TypeScript by the developers enables them in saving a massive time during app development and it makes them more efficient as well. The only place JavaScript plays a pivotal role in performance is, before execution of the code the TypeScript code should be compiled into the JavaScript.

4. Standard Syntax -

TypeScript offers developers a lot that JavaScript does not, such as functional paradigm, variable declaration and type system etc. If you analyze it in terms of Syntax, it is very similar to JScript and .Net which supports ECMAScript 2015 with the standard features.

On the flip, though JavaScript follows ECMAScript, it does not show the features of a typed language as TypeScript language. It only uses structured programming terminologies such as if statements, switch statements, do while loop and others from C. Users can take advantage of functional and event programming as well as the event-driven styles.

5. Updated Framework and available tools -

As it is widely known that TypeScript is backed by the tech giant Microsoft, the leading framework and the presence of editors is nothing new to the developer's community. The robust integration with the editors in TypeScript lessens the chances of error issues during the compilation in run time.

The JavaScript frameworks also provide a range of advantages for development projects. Finding skilled developers who have specialization in Angular, ReactJs and VueJs and other frameworks is quite easy in the developers' community. You can find the ecosystem of JavaScript frameworks very popular among programmers.

These major differences between TypeScript and JavaScript compel the programmers or developers in choosing the best one according to the need of their business.

What should you learn, JavaScript or TypeScript?

Though TypeScript is widely accepted by the developer community, learning JavaScript is no less than an essential stepping stone in your script language learning journey. If you have accumulated all the basic knowledgeable points regarding JavaScript, it is time to move towards TypeScript learning.

Even though both languages are different from each other in various ways, they share the same syntax and run-time behavior. As JavaScript serves a range of resources and has a strong base in the developer community, you can not refrain from learning it.

No chance of replacing each other

As it is mentioned above that TypeScript is the upgraded version of JavaScript that can handle the complex coding of web application development, so it is impossible to replace JavaScript with TypeScript.

Basically, TypeScript inherits the fundamental features of JavaScript. A plethora of developers uses JavaScript in the software development industry for both the client-side as well as the server side. Another strong reason that denies the replacement of JavaScript with TypeScript is, you can not execute TypeScript code directly into a web browser. Therefore compilation of TypeScript code into JavaScript before the execution is mandatory.

Wrap Up

For creating the Salesforce functions, TypeScript is one of the supported languages. The TypeScript functions also include the Salesforce functions SDK for node. You can thank all the defined features of TypeScript that exactly know the shape of the parameter, return type and the property. This can help in working with the Salesforce data with great ease.

If you are still not sure about which scripting language you should choose? , Contact Quest Global Technologies for a better and deep understanding of both languages.

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