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What is the difference between Software Testing and Software QA?

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Though Interlinked with a common purpose of delivering a high-quality product, Software Testing and Software QA (quality assurance) have several differences based on their working method, characteristics, advantages, limitations and applications etc.

What is the difference between Software Testing and Software QA?

Apart from these manifold differences, Software testing and QA hold a very fundamental specification that makes them distinct from each other. In the easiest and most precise manner, Software Testing is the method of verifying all the software applications and other programs so that they can meet the requirements of the users. On the flip, QA (quality assurance) is necessary as it ensures that the implemented software in the system is acting accordingly to the set standards.

To fathom the differences in a more detailed way, a comparative analysis of Software Testing and Software QA is essential. Let's know how they are different from each other on several bases.

Software Testing -

A well-planned execution of a process with a vision or intent of fetching defects/errors/bugs is Software Testing. It is performed by certified and experienced software testers and they include

  • Unit testing,
  • Functional testing,
  • Integration testing,
  • System testing and
  • Regression testing etc

in their professional Software Testing services. 

What are the prime features of Software Testing?

An array of several attributes describe Software Testing in a detailed way. Take a look at the below-given characteristics of Software testing.

  • With the aim of detecting defects and gaps in software, it focuses on the functionality of the software and its behavior.
  • The main involvement of the software testers is test execution, reporting the issues and verifying the fixes.
  • In the well-planned execution of software testing, there is an unavoidable need for automation tools along with manual testing.
  • The responsibility of such services is to ensure the user that the software or other application is meeting the set requirements.
  • The Software Testing process promises the delivery of a proper list of defects, a summary of the executed testing and some valuable suggestions or recommendations for the improvement of the Software product.

What advantages do you grab after Software Testing?

A series of benefits await the appreciation of the client or user after performing a well-designed Software Testing by professional testers.

  • It's obvious that after detecting the bugs or gaps in the software, the efficiency will be enhanced immensely. This enhances the experience of the user and customer further.
  • Software testing brings the flaws of software before presenting it in the market. Hence the cost of development and time consumption get reduced.
  • Finding the bugs before developing the application cuts the cost massively and it also ensures that the software or application will be released bug-free.
  • It attracts customers towards it by becoming more reliable and appealing. With the enhanced user experience the sale of your product or services also starts touching new heights.

What are the inclusions in Software Testing?

As it is mentioned above Software Testing consists of several service features, it covers nearly all the possible testing of your software tools. Have a look at what testing, professional testers perform during the Software Testing services.

  • Testing each smallest part of the software tool is recognized as Unit Testing in this process.
  • Testing the interface build between the software components and software design Integration Testing.
  • To check the compliance of the system with all the integrated tools and specific requirements is called System Testing.
  • Ensuring the user that the system is meeting each requirement of the customer is an integral part of Software testing and is recognized as Acceptance Testing.
  • Checking the scalability, speed and stability of software under maximum workload is known as Performance Testing of the software.
  • In the end, the software testers ensure that your system is not under any malicious threat or attack and this is called Security Testing.

At which points does the Software Testing limit the performance of testers?

Though there are a plethora of advantages to hiring software testers for thorough Testing through advanced tools and frameworks, some elements make it disadvantageous.

  • Time consumption is one of the most disadvantageous factors for Software Testing. It takes long hours and sometimes days for testing each gap or defect of the complex application or software platform.
  • Another drawback is, it requires complete system testing. If it is not performed, the problem or issue will shift to another part of the system and cause dysfunction.
  • Due to based on the assumptions, sometimes the Software Testing can be incomplete or unfruitful if you make wrong assumptions.
  • The complex process of Software Testing demands more time which further leads to delays in the overall development process of the Software or Application platform.

Software Quality Assurance (QA) -

With the help of well-versed developers and engineers, implementing the best practices and processes into the software to improve and enhance its standard and performance is Software Quality Assurance or Software QA.

What are the key features of Software QA?

The main features or characteristics of Software Quality Assurance (QA) are given below.

  • Quality Assurance is based on the implementation of processes and standards regarding the assurance of quality and standard of the Software.
  • It monitors the development process, reviewing the documentation and auditing of the product.
  • This also involves automation tools and manual testing in the quality assurance procedure.
  • The main responsibility of software quality assurance is developing a process that complies with the standard and requirements of the industry.
  • As a result, it provides a list of non-conformances, a summary of the audit, and recommendations for improvements.

What perks it provides to the organization?

When an organization undergoes software quality assurance services, some undeniable pros improve the overall performance of the organization.

  • It works on the reliability or credibility of the software and then ensures the users and customers that the software is performing according to the set bar of expectations.
  • Software QA ensures the satisfaction of the customers which further leads to the overall growth and performance of the organization.
  • It also certifies that the interface between the client and the software is quite intuitive.
  • QA improves the quality of the product and satisfies the customer about the product.

Which applications are available through Quality Assurance?

  • It reviews the design and code of the software product and transforms it into a high quality.

  • Another responsibility of Software QA is enabling the system to process efficiently.
  • Though it does not remove the bugs or defects, tracking them through software quality assurance is quite easy.


Some limitations Software QA has -

Being a specific and professional task, Software QA is an expensive service for organizations. It does not prevent human or manual errors. The professionals need to iterate the processes several times which takes a lot of effort and time during the procedure.

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As it is mentioned above both software services play a major role in the performance of software tools and the entire working system. Therefore only a reliable, skilled, certified and professional testing team can provide you with the best possible outcomes. Quest Global Technologies believe in exceeding the expectations of clients through its top-notch quality deliveries. Our experienced team will conclude the desired task in less time than the anticipated one.

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