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ECommerce Website Development Company in London

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Strategic Design, Seamless Sales: Designing E-commerce Websites 

Website development for eCommerce in the digital entrepreneurship sphere comes out as a game-changer. It is no longer just developing a platform, it is about the meticulous development of an immersive environment where information effortlessly flows, leads grow to great heights and thus sales abound. Our team that specialises in the development of e-commerce sites has over the years, garnered an impressive reputation for creating highly dynamic sites bespoke to your unique needs.

ECommerce Website Development Company in London

From WordPress and Shopify to custom solutions, we always succeed in crafting elegant and functional online stores that not only attract but also resonate with your market audience. So, say goodbye to the dull one – we bring you a fresh outlook on online presence, with an unmatched degree of knowledge in eCommerce website development.

We are here as developers to revolutionize your online store to the next level. Follow us on a path which is highlighted by innovation and transformations. Your story of online success begins here and now!

Navigating the Best ECommerce Platforms 


Shopify, with its user-friendly design, is a solution suitable both for newbies and old-timers in the business world. The platform provides a selection of customizable templates that fit many

designs, creating an appealing storefront. Due to its scalability, Shopify is the perfect platform for small to medium-sized businesses, giving companies a secure and reliable foundation.


Adobe Magento is the absolute answer to the demands of those looking for unmatched flexibility as an open-source giant. Its scalability is the key, as it is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, starting from startups up to enterprise-level. For the person who has the technical expertise to utilize the product to its full potential, Magento is among the top choices due to the presence of a dynamic extension ecosystem and an active community of developers.


PrestaShop comes up as a cost-saving option owing to being a free open-source platform that’s easy on your pocket. The user-friendly administration is what makes it attainable, even for enterprises devoid of technical background. Tailored to small and medium-sized companies, PrestaShop is worth emphasizing its flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


WooCommerce operates as an extension of WordPress, which draws on its ubiquitous character. The flexibility and customization features made it a cost-effective option for all. Small to medium-sized businesses might find it suitable, but scalability is tied to choosing the hosting platform.

Our Offerings

Ecommerce Website Development Services 

Custom Ecommerce Development:

Designing bespoke digital solutions that are distinctive to your (personal) brand. Take your online presence to the next level with an individual custom-built eCommerce website.

Mobile Commerce Development:

Push mobile commerce with the help of our unique mobile commerce experiences. Empower your customers to transact with you at any time, any place, seamlessly, through your brand.

Theme Development:

Tailor your online presence with personalized themes that reflect your distinctive brand image. Coherence and engaging visual experience are achieved through smooth integration of ours.

Research and Design:

Application of the technology for user experience. Plunge yourself into your audience's thoughts with the use of our UX research and design, making the interfaces irresistible and transparent.

Maintenance & Support:

The travel extends beyond development. With our maintenance and support, the performance of your eCommerce engine will remain uninterrupted, and your business operations will never be halted.

API Integrations:

Empower and scale with our eCommerce API integrations. Thread these essential tools together to link functionality with improvement; and guarantee thus a smooth online experience.

Payment Gateway Consolidation:

Seal the deal effortlessly. Online security is guaranteed to customers with all the options available for transactions via our payment gateway integration.

Migration Platform:

Migrate gradually with our upgraded platform. Apply the new possibilities while maintaining your online operations seamlessly, enabling smooth progress to sophisticated e-commerce platforms.

Why eCommerce?

How eCommerce Will Benefit Your Business


1. Streamlined Transactions with One-Page Checkout:

Effortless transactions are at your fingertips. We have a one-page checkout that allows your customers to make a quick and stress-free purchase with a very small hassle that increases their overall shopping satisfaction.


2. SEO-Optimized Advantage for Maximum Visibility:

Get your spot in the digital limelight with our SEO-optimized blogs and e-commerce website development. Capture the eye of the consumers or the potential buyers by appearing in the top search results for your products.


3. 100% Customizable for Unmatched Control:

Grab a Versatile brand identity by the reins. Being 100% customizable, our eCommerce solution will allow you to have full control over the entire look and functionality, not just the front end.


4. Versatile Payment Gateway Integrations:

Meet what is expected on a global level by providing a variety of payment options. The core of our payment platform is a library of the most recent payment gateway integrations coupled with numerous payment options so that people worldwide can make payments using their preferred modes.


5. Mobile Responsiveness for Anytime, Anywhere Shopping:

Transition into a mobile-dominated epoch smoothly. We ensure a seamless and top-notch shopping experience that is mobile-responsive on our eCommerce website, while local browsers are also applicable, anytime and anywhere.


6. Advanced Reporting for Informed Decision-Making:

Stay updated with real-time insights. The powerful reporting module within our product gives an in-depth analysis of your store performance, thus you can utilize this information to make the necessary business growth decisions.


Our ECommerce Development Process


Idea Submission:

Submit your vision, ideas, and references, and our expert team will initiate the development journey. Your inputs lay the groundwork for a collaborative and creative process that transforms your ideas into a reality.


Requirement Gathering:

Our experts have the most thorough information-gathering approach where they take in and note your functional needs. Using the in-depth dialogue, tailor-made proposals are provided that help to secure a store that is in harmony with your business targets.


UI/UX Design of Store:

Let our masters of creativity lead you into the design world and bring your thoughts to life. Summarizing & unifying the acquired data, they turn ideas of your project's flow & UI/UX into actual, smooth & visually attractive user experiences.



Once static templates become a fully functioning shop, our developers turn designs into active stores. Grasping the backend concurrently with the mobile application, we reveal your project in the final stage.



Your active role is crucial in this stage. Review the designs crafted by our experts, provide valuable feedback, and ensure that the flow and functionalities meet your expectations. Collaboratively, we address any revisions required for the project.



Before the grand launch, our professional testers conduct comprehensive testing. Every aspect, from the flow to functionalities and gateway, is scrutinized. We ensure that your store meets the highest standards, resolving any issues that may arise during testing.



With successful testing and revisions completed, your store is ready for launch. Whether it's the web platform, app store, or play store, we ensure your store is launched as per your specific requirements. It's the culmination of our collective efforts, bringing your vision to the digital forefront.


Why Choose Us?


Versatile Platform Expertise

Whether you choose Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, or any other eCommerce platform, we offer customized designs for an online store according to your taste and preferences.


Proven Track Record

Benefit from our in-depth long years of know-how generated by the fact we have completed many eCommerce websites for different clients on time. Go through online review platforms to know those features, which have been appreciated and the experiences that our clients have shared about our services.


Flexible Engagement Models

Individual engagements with us will be tailored depending on what you need. Either work with a dedicated recruitment specialist, engage a team or just pay per hour. At Intelivita, we provide flexible models to meet any concrete requirement.


World-class Support

Our services continue beyond project completion to ensure your success. We shall have continued support from Intelivita as they assist us with any questions or issues we may have. Feel free to contact us at any time by phone or email and we will meet any post-launch needs.


Satisfied Clients

From upstart tech-savvy renegades to eCommerce giants dominating the online market, we have brought transformations to diverse levels of enterprises. Being part of our happy list of clients will surely contribute to your eCommerce success story.

What Our Clients Say!


1. What a wonderful result this is! The Quest GLT team not only listened to our vision but, more importantly, translated it into the execution process. This is what makes them the best partners because they are committed to providing great results and they can notice all the details.


2. The Quest GLT team has been our best investment ever. While the project’s user collaboration is running smoothly, the innovative solutions, and timely delivery, show their care for customer satisfaction. Highly recommend their services!


3. Quests’ professionalism and competency are assessed positively by GLT. They did whatever needed to be done, from the idea stage to the execution, and they affirmed our way, making sure we not only met the industry standards but surpassed them. It is difficult to find enough adjectives to express our admiration.


4.Our experience with, Quest GLT, has been, very good. They tailor their solutions and have an unwavering commitment to knowing us, which makes them different from others. Post-launch support, which we enjoy even now, seems to mean their long-term goals of success for their customers. 


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